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How do you remove or change the ignition switch lock cylinder on a 1995 ford 150?


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2011-09-13 06:18:27
2011-09-13 06:18:27
Steps to remove and replace the lock cylinderTo Remove the Lock Cylinder1: Remove the cover UPPER/LOWER) from the steering column(usually 2 Phillips screws in lower cover, directly behind the steering wheel.

2: Turn the key to the run position (the position before start).

3: Using a small diameter object (paper clip) slide the wire into the hole located underneath the ignition switch on the underside of the column. While pushing up on the pin in the hole, turn the key and pull outward. The tumbler should release and come out.

4: To replace, turn the key in the new cylinder to run.

6: Place the cylinder in the column where the old one came out.

7: Turn the key to the off position and the cylinder is now locked in place.


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You can remove the 2000 Chevrolet Astro Van the ignition switch cylinder by removing the retaining ring. The retaining ring will need to be turned to the left. The ignition switch cylinder will slide out.

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Ignition switch and lock cylinder removal 1988 Dodge Ram 50.Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.Remove the steering column cover to gain access to the ignition switch/lock cylinder.Using wire cutters, remove the cable band.Remove the bolts that hold the ignition switch/lock cylinder to the steering column.Unbolt and remove the key reminder switch and remove the switch lock cylinder from the steering column.

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