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How do you remove the ignition switch from a 1988 Dodge Ram 50?


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Ignition switch and lock cylinder removal 1988 Dodge Ram 50.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.
  2. Remove the steering column cover to gain access to the ignition switch/lock cylinder.
  3. Using wire cutters, remove the cable band.
  4. Remove the bolts that hold the ignition switch/lock cylinder to the steering column.
  5. Unbolt and remove the key reminder switch and remove the switch lock cylinder from the steering column.

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If your 1988 Chevy Corsica key only turns in the ignition and does not start the automobile, it is probably unfixable. Remove the ignition switch retaining ring. Slide the out and remove the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new ignition switch.

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Remove steering wheel, turn signal (4 screws), and torx holding ignition, reverse to reinstall.

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You need to remove the steering wheel first with a puller. There is a latch you can trip with a small screwdriver that will let the ignition switch slide out. Simply replace the switch and put the steering wheel back on.

Remove the steering wheel. (you will need a steering wheel puller) Remove the turn signal switch. It is not necessary to completely remove the switch from the column. Pull the switch rearward far enough to slip it over the end of the shaft, but do not pull the harness out of the column. Turn the lock to Run. If necessary, remove the ignition key. If equipped, remove the buzzer switch assembly. Remove the lock retaining screw and remove the lock cylinder.

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you have an open circut in your ignition switch change your ignition switch.

The switch is located on the left side of the steering column. You have to remove the panel underneath the dash to access it. There will be two screws holding it on.

Replacing the ignition switch actuator on a 1988 Ford f150 is a complicated and multi-step process. First, remove the necessary panels to gain access to the steering column. Second, remove the screws and bolts holding the steering column to the dash. Third, locate the ignition switch and remove the actuator rod, replacing it with a new one. Re-attach everything to the dash and replace the panels. If this does not work, or seems too confusing, it may be in one's best interest to seek out a professional mechanic.

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The ignition lock switch? (lock cylinder & keys) Remove the horn pad, remove the horn assembly. Remove the 3 prong retainer clip and the nut underneath it. Make sure the steering wheel is straight. Remove wheel with a puller. Compress lockplate with a lockplate remover & remove the circlip around the centerpost. Decompress lockplate & remove lockplate. Unscrew hazzard control. Pull turn signal assembly from the column. Unscrew white turn signal electronic assembly inside the column, gently pull aside. Remove brass connector that goes from the turn signal assembly and the ignition lock switch. Unscrew ignition lock cylinder retaining screw, pull out ignition switch, replace.

Are you asking about the key cylinder or the actual electric switch?

I assume this question is about the mechaincal part of the keyswitch. Remove the plastic cover under the steering column and keyswitch. Turn the ignition key to run (not start). Underneath the keyswitch, there is a small round hole. Push something like a paperclip in the hole and the ignition keyswitch will pull right out. If this question is about the electrical switch part of the keyswitch, there is a single Phillips screw holding the switch in place, just remove the screw to remove the keyswitch.

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you can disconnect the starter relay and run a wire from the starter wire in the connector to the power wire on it p.s. it is easyer to take a curcit tester and probe the connectors with someone truning the ignition switch to fine the starter the starter wire is brown and im not sure about the power lead from the ignition switch

I believe that wire is for the key is in the ignition warning buzzer! Not 100%, but 90%.

1999 - 2003 Vehicles To Remove: # Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions at the beginning of this section. # Remove or disconnect the following: #* Negative battery cable #* Instrument panel steering column cover #* Ignition switch electrical connector and the bolt #* Screws and ignition switch To Install: # Install or connect the following: #* Ignition switch and screws #*# Torque to: 47-64 inch lbs. (5.3-7.2 Nm) #* Ignition switch electrical connector with the screws #*# Torque to: 7-10 inch lbs. (0.8-1.2 Nm) #* Instrument panel steering column cover #* Negative battery cable

The key and tumbler are on the side of the column. There is a rod that goes down the column to the ignition switch. It is accessed on top of the column and half way down.

The key and tumbler are on the side of the column. There is a rod that goes down the column to the ignition switch. It is accessed on top of the column and half way down.

In order to remove the headlight switch of a 1988 Cadillac Eldorado, you must first disconnect the negative cable from the battery and allow time for the capacitors to discharge. Unscrew the headlight switch, remove the wire plugs, and remove the switch itself. Insert a new switch and replace the wire plugs and screws. Reconnect the negative cable and test the new switch.

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