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How do you remove rear tires on a 1996 Honda Civic if the lug nuts are off and the tires won't come off?


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January 02, 2008 5:39PM

MAKE SURE THE CAR IS SUPPORTED SO YOU DON'T KILL YOURSELF,then Put on one lug nut back on a few turns, from the backside of the wheel, take a big hammer and whack the tire several times. If it still doesn't come, turn the wheel a quarter turn and continue, keep doing this for 30 or so times. If it still doesn't want to come off, hit it on the rim from the backside. Just be careful to not bend the rim. Sometimes I put one lug on a few turns and slowly leave the weight back down on the tire till it breaks free. I've been in the tire business for more than 2O years and answer number 2 scares me! I strongly advise you to follow the directions in answer one. Make sure the vehicle is supported with something besides just the jack and get a BFH to beat the back side of the tire. Unless you can get a good swing you will have to beat on the rim itself. If were talking about a steel wheel on a rear drum and you have the time try a little penatrating oil on the outside of the wheel in the very center where you will see it rides on a small ridge of the brake drum and let it sit overnight. then beat on it. Loosen all the lug nuts, but don't remove them. Then mule kick the edge of the rim with boots on. If that fails, take all of the lug nuts completely off, soak the back of the wheel with WD-40 and take that cross country road trip you've been meaning to take. Oh, and wear your seat belt!