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How much would a Toyota 4Runner transmission cost to replace?

A Toyota 4runner transmission would cost anywhere between $1000-2000 to replace depending on the actual mechanic you get to do the work, the amount of time it takes the mechanic, and whether or not there are any other issues.

What is the transmission fluid capacity on a 1996 Toyota 4 runner?

The transmission fluid capacity of a 1996 Toyota 4Runner is 7.6 quarts when empty. The actual amount of fluid required to fill it depends on the amount which remains in the transmission and torque converter after draining the system.

Is there a fuse for the headlight on a 2004 Saab 95?

== == That is how you change the actual headlight but the question is how to change a fuse.

What is the headlight adjustment for a 1989 F150 2WD?

The headlight adjustment for the 1989 F150 2WD is below the actual headlight. You will need to pull the tab at the top of the headlight up to release the headlight and then you can adjust the angle of the light with the long bolt below the housing.

Will 2005 beetle headlight fit 2006 beetle?

The actual light bulb lamps are different so I believe the headlight housings will be different too.

Where is the headlight RELAY on a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder I found the headlight fuse but no relays are tagged for the headlights?

if your headlight if blow and you have changed the headlight and it still does not work then most likely its the plug that plugs into the light itself i just went through all that and its the actual lamp plug you have to change

What is the differences between housekeeping and housekeeper?

Housekeeping is the job of cleaning or the department that is responsible for cleaning. A housekeeper is the person doing the actual job.

What is the actual size of a 3C Toyota diesel engine?

3.0 diesel engine

What is the actual total capacity of a Toyota Prius fuel tank?

About 11.7 gallons.

How do you install a headlight conversion kit on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Typical H4 conversion is very simple. Pull the screws around the headlight bevel and remove it. Pull the screws on the headlight pull it out, disconect the the actual light. replace with the H4 housing and light in the oposite order.

Can you change just the lenses on the headlights of a 98 Mercury Sable?

The headlight assembly can be changed, but not just the actual clear lens on the front. See "Related Questions" below for how to remove the headlight assembly, and also how to clean them

Does anyone know the Actual tire size on a 92 Toyota Paseo?


Is the recent Toyota ad depicting a plane landing in the back of a Toyota pickup truck trick photography or is an actual happening?

First off it is not a Toyota but is instead a Nissan. Of course it is fake and they do not even claim it is real.

How do you reset the maintenance reminder light on a 2004 Toyota 4Runner Sport?

AnswerStart by making sure the odometer is on actual mileage. Turn the key "off" press and hold the "reset" button on the upper left of the instrument panel. Turn the key "on" (engine off); the maintenance light will flash then turn off. Release the "reset" button and it's done!

Who builds Lexus?

Toyota is the parent company. Lexus has workers and operators who builds the actual vehicles.

How do you remove the wiper arm from a Toyota Previa?

Unless the actual arm is broken, I would just replace the rubber. You can order it from Toyota, and its way cheaper than a whole wipe arm.

Where is the company Piercy Toyota based?

Piercy Toyota is based in California, where the actual location is Milpitas. They have 54 reviews according to online research that gave them an average rank of 4 stars.

Why is lemon used in cleaning?

Fresh scent. Acid kills the bacteria. The acid is also strong enough to help dissolve grit, dirt and some stains. So it helps make actual cleaning easier.

What are the components of wound care?

Actual components of wound care include cleaning, dressing, determining frequency of dressing changes, and reevaluation. Dead tissue and debris can impede healing: the goal of cleaning the wound is its removal.

Will 33x9.5x15 tires fit on a stock 1994 Toyota pickup?

34 9.5 15 tsl fit on my stock 94 4runner with a 3/4 torsion bar crank. recommend suspension upgrades. i would say the same for a 33 unless the "33" inch tire is closer to 32 inched tall. manufactures are not always accurate. a tire with actual dimensions of 32.6 inches tall by less than 11 inches wide will work on almost any stock Toyota truck

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

Hello there fellow j-bodian owner, You should be able to just twist and pull the unit out the actual headlight. The harness should remain pluged to the car. Pull out the actual light bulb straight out from the harness, once that is done you then reverse the same procedure. Plug the light bulb into the harness and just twist it back in to the headlight. BOO YA!!!! your done! Light bulb size should be 9007, but you might wanna double check. -Yolanda

Do you need a license to do office cleaning?

Although I do not think that you need an actual license to do office cleaning, it is often required that you are bondable which means that you have to pass a clearance through your local Police Department and not have any previous criminal record.

How do you get vomit smell out of suede fabric?

Perhaps it is a residue as a result of tanning? If the smell is from actual vomit, you might take it to the drycleaners for a cleaning.

What are good carpet stain removal techniques?

There is a great website that features many stain removal recipes for carpet cleaning with different solutions broken down to the actual item that caused the stain. The website can be found at the following URL address:

How much will it cost to change a automatic to manual for a Toyota altezza?

As of 2014, the cost to change from anÊautomatic to a manual transmission on a Toyota Altezza is between $4,000 and $6,000. The actual cost will depend on the labor cost.