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Have the SRS repaired, and wear your seatbelt.

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Q: How do you remove the air bag and seat belt light that stays on in a 1997 Ford Expedition XLT?
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How do you remove the light bulb from the light bulb assembly when replacing the running board light on a 1997 Expedition?

If I recall correctly. It should be a peanut light bulb. And if it is a peanut bulb they just pull straight out.

How do you deactivate the alarm on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

1997 fordexpedition wont start and the theft light is flashing

What can cause brake light fuse to blow in 1997 expedition?

A short, water getting in the light socket. exc.

How do you replace the bulb for the check engine light on a 1997 ford expedition?

Very carefully

What does a steady battery light mean IN A 1997 Ford Expedition?

The battery isn't being charged

How do you remove an engine from 1997 Ford Expedition?

There lots of things that need to be remove. If your not sure or dont know on how to take this task on. Take it too the shop.

How do you reset the computer on 1997 Ford Expedition?

how to reset the computer on a 1997 ford expedition

1997 Ford Expedition XLT?

Yes , 1997 was the first model year for the Ford Expedition

What do you do if the check engine light comes on in a 1997 Toyota 4Runner and stays on?

go to auto zone and have them check it for you. its free

Where is the oil pump located on my 1997 Ford Expedition?

where is the oil pump located on 1997 ford expedition

When was Expedition Robinson created?

Expedition Robinson was created in 1997.

When was Ford Expedition created?

Ford Expedition was created in 1997.

How do you diarm factory alarm on 97 expedition?

The easiest way to disarm the 1997 Ford Expedition factory alarm is to remove the fuse. The location of the fuse can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

How do you remove the tail light cover on a 1997 escort?

Open the trunk and remove the nuts holding the assembly in place. With nuts removed the tail light assembly will come out the back then you can remove the light socket to replace the bulb.

Where is the heater control valve for a 1997 Ford Expedition located?

where is the heater control valve for a 1997 ford expedition

Is the 1997 f150 transmission is the same as the 1999 5.4 expedition?

Is the 1997 F150 Transmission is the same as the 1999 Expedition

If you disconnect the battery on a 1997 Ford expedition will that clear the computer so the check engine light will go off?


1997 c180 auto classicwhen you start the car the bas abs light stays on?

It is a bad sensor on one of the wheels.

How do you remove the plastic cover to change the rear tail light on a 1997 Chevy S10?

the cover does not come off, you must remove the entire light assembly and remove the bulb from the back side

Will 1997 ford f150 doors fit on 2001 expedition?

No, a 1997 Ford F150 doors will not fit on a 2001 Expedition. You will need to get a door that is made specifically for the Expedition.

How man lugs are on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

On a 1997 Ford Expedition : ( there are 5 lugs for each wheel , total of 20 )

Is 5 w20 oil ok for a 1997 Expedition?

is 5w 20 Motor Oil o.k. for a 1997 Ford Expedition. ..?

How hard is it to change the transfer case on 1997 EB expedition?

Not hard at all Remove drive shafts Remove vent tube Remove connector Slide transmission jack under transfer case Remove mount bolts and your done

How do you remove the light assembly on a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu?

unsrew the main bolt and pull

What is the correct plug gap for a 1997 Ford Expedition 4.6L?

( .054 inch ) according to the 1997 Ford Expedition Owner Guide