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How do you remove the alternator on a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo?

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2007-02-26 06:45:24


the alternator, on the left side, down low, is a belt adjusting

bolt 10mm i belive.there are also 2 bolts in front holding the

alternator in place. loosen the 2 bolts first then loosen the belt

adjuster bolt to get the belt off. then remove the 2 bolts in front

holding the alternator in place. remove the alternator from the

brackets. disconnect the wireing to the alternator. then you can

lift the alternator out. you may have to squeeze it by the fan

blades but it will come out. if you want to remove the fan blades

to make it easer. i did not have to my self. reassembly is the

reverse. when you go to tighten the belt make shure it is very good

and tight rodeo's will squeel if it is not tight.

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