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The battery is behind the side close-out panel behind the passenger's seat. Open the passenger door and fold the seat back forward. Work your fingers under the edge of the closeout panel, starting at the bottom. The trick is to slide the panel forward and you have to get hold of it to do that. Once you have some fingers in there, pull the panel forward. You will find that it is retained by two spring steel clips that engage metal loops welded to the car's body. Watch where the top and bottom of the close-out panel are resting. When you put it back, get the top and bottom into the same "grooves' or else it won't fit. After doing this a time or two, it will become second nature. This arrangement works on the 90.5 (and perhaps all 1990s), through the end of Allante production in 1993. Prior to these clips, there was a lock arrangement on each close-out panel. Best you know how to do this also, because the emergency gas filler door release is behind the one on the driver's side, right along with the SDD computer and the relays that control the top latching motors (for the soft top). JCS

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Q: How do you remove the battery cover on a 1992 Allante?
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