How do you remove the brake-light lens cap on a 1999 Isuzu Amigo?

I just replaced the 1157 bulb in the right rear housing of my '99 this week. The housing is held in by two screws in the side and another in the bottom dead center. after removing the screws the unit pulls stright out from the back. Be careul as there are two push in locator pins atached to the back of the housing. If you should break one off JB Weld works wonders...hint, hint. Once the light unit is loose you will see that the wiring harness socket is the only thing holding it in the truck. This is a plastic spring clip that releases at the bottom rear. Note that it only goes back in one way. With the wiring unplugged you can now take the light unit somewhere comfortable. you will see that the lens is held in from the back with screws. I hope his is helpul john