How do you remove the brake light on a 1994 Chevy Suburban?

If it is like my 98, you have to remove the impossibly difficult to get to clip that holds the white brake light switch to the brake pedal. It mounts on the same point that the master cylinder pushrod mounts to on the pedal, under the steering column. I ended up using 2 long screwdrivers to pry apart the clip that wraps around the shaft, destroying the clip in the process. Buy a new clip from the dealer before attempting, its cheap and they are not open Saturday night when you usually get these things off. Once that is removed, raise up the rear of the switch and pull straight off the shaft, youll then need to unplug the wireing harness and youll have the brake switch in hand. I believe you can test the switch by keeping it plugged into the harness and pressing the brass piece inside the recess toward the harness connector. That is what happens when it is working correctly on the pedal.