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PartialI actually have the same question. In my Draw-Tite instructions it says there are "4 bolts per side", so 8 total. Ive only found 4, the ones underneath that are readily visible. the two large ones have weld nuts, the two small ones that attach to the rear quarter panels have regular nuts that you have to reach in behind the bumper and hold, I used a crescent wrench, so I'm not sure what size they are. I've found all the hardware so far to be metric as well.

I bought a new factory hitch for my 2001 jeep Cherokee and here is the way to do it.First remove your plastic bumper corner guards. They have 2 screws one is a size 10mm on the bottom inner corner the other is where the bumper meet the wheel well, these I found to my surprise are 1/4 inch screws, not metric like the rest of the Jeep. Next slide these corner guards backwards toward the rear of the vehicle and the lips the bumper guards have inside will slip off and let the part free. Now your bumper is exposed on both ends and you can see 2 nuts on the inside (one on each end of the bumper) holding the bumper on. Now put on your patience cap. The nuts are a long ways in but you can reach in with a wrench. You will need a friend with thin arms. Decifer the size and loosen the nuts. It is hard as hell since they have thread compound and there is only so much you can move your wrench in such a tight spot. Afterwards your wrists are probably killing you, but you manage to loosen the last 2 screws which are beneath the bumper. Voila! BUMPER IS GONE. Now you can finally insert the reenforcement bar or bars with welded nuts if needed (if you don't have them they can be odered) and proceed with the instalation. Don't forget to change your rear axle/differrential oil to a 75W-140 as specified on the owner's manual so that your axle doesn't suffer damage from the higher temps towing causes!

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Q: How do you remove the bumper on a 2000 Cherokee to install bracket with nuts to install used factory receiver hitch?
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