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pry it off from the front. use a screwdriver with the tip covered in electrical tape. its pressure fit.

the hardest piece to remove is the door handle. I suggest after removing the screw in the handle under the little hinged cover that you put a small flat screwdriver in just above the unlock switch, then pull the handle slightly. then insert a screwdriver below the handle directly below the unlock switch and it should come loose. its held in w/ two pressure clips in there and that's where they're located.

its difficult to pull the piece off w/o putting your screwdriver in there as i described above because the handle has a small piece holding it in under the front of it that cant be pulled off w/o sliding it back a bit.

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Q: How do you remove the cover of the automatic door lock on the armrest of a 1997 ES 300 Lexus?
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How do you remove an Oldsmobile silhouette armrest?

Unzip the armrest cover and pull forward. You will the see the bolt that holds the armrest onto the seat.

How do you remove an armrest from a 2004 highlander?

You need to pop out the plastic cover over the nut in the armrest. Then use a 14 mm deep socket to remove the armrest. The job takes less than a minute.

Driver seat armrest removal from Lexus rx300?

Pop off the round plastic cover at the hinge of the arm rest. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolt. You're done.

How to remove the driver's seat inside armrest on a 1985 GMC Vandura 3500?

remove the arm rest cover , you can see the bolt

2007 Ford Focus airbag module location?

Under the center console. Remove 2 screws under cup holders, 1 screw under 1/2 inch plug behind armrest, remove cover behind and underneath armrest (pry off) to get to 2 screws holding armrest on and remove it.

Remove the front automatic locking hub on a 1995 ford bronco ediie Bauer edition?

Remove the cover. Under the cover there is a C-clip. Remove it and the rest comes out.

Where is the NAV DVD located in a 2002 Lexus ES?

it is in the trunk. you have to remove the cover from the gps unit

How do remove fog lamp on 1993 Lexus gs 300?

To remove the fog lamp, you would simply need to remove the cover next to the fog light. You can remove the screw that's under the cover and other side that's held in by a clip.

How do you remove the ignition cylinder on a 2000 Lexus RX300?

To remove the ignition cylinder on a 2000 Lexus RX300, first remove the vanity engine cover by unscrewing it. Disconnect the wiring connector by pushing the clip that holds it in place. Finally, remove the bolts that hold the ignition cylinder.

Where are the spark plugs for a Lexus GS300 located?

on top of the engine right down the middle. Have to remove to cover and front cover over timing belt.

How do you change sparkplugs on a Lexus SC400?

Remove the black plastic piece with the writing on each valve cover and with a rachet and extension remove the plugs etc.

Door panel removal 2005 mustang?

* Remove the side view mirror trim cover * Remove the inside door handle cover * Pry out the armrest switch control plate and disconnect the electrical connector * Detach the retaining screw located behind the armrest trim panel * Remove the remaining door panel retaining fasteners * Once all of the fasteners are removed detach the trim panel,disconnect any electrical connectors and remove the trim panel from the car by gently pulling it up and out

How do you remove armrest on 2001 ford excursion?

If it's like the 2005 Excursion, just peel back the arm rest cover where it swivels and there's one screw holding the whole assembly in.

How do you remove the interior door panels on a 2007 Nissan Frontier to install aftermarket speakers?

1. Remove the rubberized armrest cover by prying it upward. 2. Remove (by prying out) the silver U shaped trim by the interior door handle. 3. Remove (by prying out) the sunken trim piece behind the interior door handle. 4. Remove the 10mm hex screws from where the armrest cover was and behind the door handle lever. 5. Pry the sides and bottom of the door panel loose. 6. Carefully lift up and out on the door panel and disconnect the wiring harness for the power locks & windows.

Why would the light on the automatic gearshift not light up?

lightbulb in shifter is blown. remove shifter cover to replace bulb

Where is the spark plugs located on a 1999 Lexus lx 470?

The spark plugs are seen when u remove the top Lexus cover on the engine and then since its a V8 engine it should be on the sideways both left and right of the center part of the engine,you should have a plug spanner to remove them after that.

How do you remove the arm rest from a Ford E-250 captain chair without destroying the upholstery?

You must unzip the cover on the bottom of the arm rest and use a "torx" bit to unscrew the armrest!

What is an Automatic Pool Cover?

An Automatic Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover system that covers and uncovers a pool automatically. The Auto Pool Reel is similar to manual pool cover and reel but fully automatic. No manual effort is required just push a button.

How do you remove the front armrest cover on an audi a4 Q 2002?

Pull the lid up and squeeze the plastic hinges and they pop out of their holes. Very simple to replace and relatively cheap on EBay. good luck

Where is the tire pressure module location on bentley continental gt?

in quater panel behind passenger seat. Remove rear passenger seat and armrest cover of quater panel. It's there just in front of wheel arch.

Where is oil filter located on 2002 Lexus sc430?

The oil filter on a 2002 Lexus SC 430 in found on the lower engine drivers side just above the bottom lip of the oil pan. You will have to remove the bottom engine cover to get to it.

How do you remove the right rear door panel on a 2001 ford focus?

find yourself the correct bit for your drill or driver and go along the outer edge of the door panel and you will find the first screws to remove, then you have to remove the plastic cover on the armrest handle where you will find another screw and you will also have to remove the black plastic piece that houses the door handle.

How do you fix the arm rest on the drivers side bucket seat of a 2002 Chevy Avalanche?

Type your answer here... If you can get just the armrestcover you can put it on yourself, its not that hard. Run the back of the seat tilted forward toward the steering wheel. There is a plastic track at the bottom of the seat back that can be undone, allowing you to reach up inside the seat. Look up where the armrest is and you will see a retintion clip on the armrest shaft. Use some long needle nose pliers to pull that clip off and the arm rest can be slid out of the seat. On the bottom side of the armrest you will see how to unhook the armrest cover and slide it off the arm.

How do you replace a passenger side mirror in a 1996 Nissan Maxima?

On my 99 you remove the door panel(screws at bottom of panel, one in the armrest cup, and one behind the door handle.) Then remove the black plastic cover on the inside of the door where the mirror is. Three screws there come out and then remove the wiring harness. Reinstall is reverse of removal.

How can i decide which fuse controls the automatic door lock on 1997 dodge ram van 2500?

driver side of dashboard. remove black cover