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1) You will need the GM door panel removal tool as LeSabre97mint mentioned, a small standard screwdriver, a large Phillips, a small ratchet, and a small Torx driver (star shaped tool, or an Allen wrench should work)

2) Remove the red light lense from the side of the door panel. Inside the opening is a small bolt (sorry, I don't recall the size!) holding the panel on the inner door frame. Remove this small bolt.

3) Using the star shaped Torx driver or Allen wrench, remove the power lock switch plate and disconnect the wire connector from it.

3) Using the small standard screwdriver, pry off the black power window switchplate (it's clip faces the front of the vehicle, don't try prying the back, as I learned from personal experience!)

4) Carefully disconnect the black switch plate from the power window wire harness with the small screw driver.

5) Underneath the switch plate opening, remove the 2 screws (or bolts).

6) Using the small screwdriver, pry the black inner door handle covers towards each other to gain access to the 2 large Phillips screws, then remove these and pull the handle out of the door panel.

7) Finally, remove the plasic door clips with the removal tool as

LeSabre97mint mentioned. The panel should come right off.

8) If you want to completely move the panel out of your way, disconnect the courtesy lights from behind the panel.

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Q: How do you remove the drivers side door panel on a 1995 Buick Le Saber Limited?
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