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Consider this a warning to anyone who is considering doing this!

In the US it is a Federal offense to remove any part of the emissions system!

If you are caught, as the vehicle's owner, you could face as much as $10,000 in fines.

AND anyone who does the work or helps (i.e. the mechanic, a friend, whoever) also faces up to $10,000 in fines.

Please be aware that there is ALSO a $10,000 reward for anyone who turns in someone who has removed or altered an emissions system - owner or mechanic.

Even if you live in an area where emissions testing is not required, you are not exempt from this regulation and you will still run the risk of being caught.

That is an awfully steep fine, IMO. I'd think twice before proceeding.

In any case you could at least check into the laws regarding this, in case the data I was given was wrong. But I had an ASE Master Technician tell me this! It's part of his job to stay on top of Federal and local regs.

If you want to repair your own emissions system, be careful and consider this first: Unless you can weld, and weld well, go ahead and let a professional do anything that has to do with the emissions/exhaust system. While it is possible to go to autozone and buy your own catalytic converter etc and put it on, it takes a lot of time unless you have the entire system in one piece. I recently replaced my exhaust from the catalytic converter back (the converter was still good), it passed but I had to piece together a exhaust system and it was the biggest ordeal ever. Stay away from Exhaust repairs if you can help it. They are tough!

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Q: How do you remove the emissions systems from your vehicle?
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Is catalytic converter part of emissions system?

Yes, it is part of the emissions system and the vehicle will not run correctly with it removed. It is also illegal to remove it.

What could happen if you remove the catalytic converter on your 1986 celebrity 2.8 carb?

It is illegal to remove any emissions control devices from a vehicle.

How often do you have to get a drive clean emissions test?

your vehicle must have an emissions test for registration renewal, beginning when it is five years old. If your vehicle requires an emissions test, you will receive a reminder as part of your vehicle licence renewal application

Will car pass emission in Ohio with air bag light on?

Emissions, yes. If there's an inspection for vehicle safety systems, it would fail that one.

What are the major causes of air pollution in Eastern Europe?

Factory emissionsVehicle emissions

On a 1998 intrigue why are there two check engine lights?

The 'Service Engine Soon' light is required by the OBD-II standard for vehicle systems. It is required to light when a malfunction occurs that will increase the emissions level of your vehicle. The 'Service Vehicle Soon' light is simply a safety item to tell you something is wrong, even if it's not engine or emissions related.

What does non emissions mean?

Non-emissions means that the vehicle does not have any of the required emissions devices that would reduce it's emissions output, such as EGR systems, catalytic converters, o2 sensors, and air pumps. All of these devices were incorporated on vehicles in the 70's, pre mid 70's cars are usually non-emission.

What is the importance of electric motor vehicle?

No emissions.

Does Michigan require Vehicle Emissions Test?

No, they do not.

What does LEV stand for?

Low Emissions Vehicle

What do you mean by LEV?

low emissions vehicle

Will an aftermarket catalytic converter pass California emissions?

That would depend on the type of vehicle. If it is a low emissions vehicle you have to go with the oem catalytic converter.

What can you do to save the environment from petrol emissions?

Buy a lower emissions vehicle or take public transportation.

Does new york emissions laws require a catalytic converter on a 1987 vehicle?

Yes, it is illegal to remove the converter without replacing it with a new one.

How can you buy a vehicle sticker in Illinois without an emissions test?

The only way to get out of an emissions test is if you register your vehicle with an address outside of a zipcode that has mandatory testing.

What does pzev stand for in automobiles?

It stands for Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle. It's a strange concept but it means that a vehicle has nearly zero tail pipe emissions.

What happens if air pump is bad on vehicle?

The vehicle may fail the emissions test.

Can you remove your catalytic converter from a 1996 Chevy S-10 Blazer?

You can if you want to but the vehicle won't pass emissions and the check engine light will remain on.

How do you get a 1979 ford bronco by emissions?

its an antique vehicle

What is a Honda LEV motor?

Low Emissions Vehicle?

What does PZEV stand for?

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Are there emissions tests in Florida?

Emissions testing is no longer required in Florida. It was once a yearly test of your vehicle at a state emissions facility and costed $10.00.

Where is the timing decal on 2006 305 v8?

Time it to 4 degrees BTDC on a California emissions vehicle and 8 degrees BTDC on a non-california emissions vehicle.

How do you remove evaporator emissions control system vent from a Chevy cobalt?

You can't. It's EPA regulations, if you get caught tampering with the emissions control systems its bad juju to whoever was driving it. Federal crimes are not exactly something you want on your record.

Where can one learn about car emissions testing?

When looking to find useful and accurate information about vehicle emissions testing then it might be considered a wise idea to visit the Emission Test website that offers information about vehicle emissions checks.