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How do you remove the fan clutch assembly to remove the water pump on 2000 Chevy Blazer?


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2015-07-15 20:42:35
2015-07-15 20:42:35

to remove the cluth fan assembly, i always use a large crescent wrench..just keep in mind it is left hand threads, you may need to have an extra person with you to help hold the pulley from turning..usually tapping on the wrench with a hammer is the only way it will move

I,ve turned wrenches full and part time for over 35 years. Nowadays I only do jobs for myself, family and friends. On a 98 Chevrolet P/U with a 350 Vortec, I encountered the new screw on fan clutch. I rented the special spanner wrenches to hold the hub and used a large adjustable wrench. Tried to tun it for left and right hand threads. Used a propane torch to no avail. I finally took the water pump with fan, clutch and hub intact off the vehicle.I put the water pump in a BIG vise, Heated the screw on hub with a large oxy-acetylene torch red hot, used a three goot breaker bar and the spanner and got it loose with a great deal of effort. This is a tough job.WHY WOULD THE ENGINEERS GO TO THIS SYSTEM? By the way the hub is threaded for right hand threads. Not left hand threads.

I have had to do this three times now. Once for the water pump, once for the fan itself and the last time for the power steering pump. After trying everthing else and giving plenty of blood for the cause the easiest and quickest answer is an air chisel. Remove the airbox, mass,and shroud. Look at the fan, no matter what anybody else says, it loosens by turning TO THE LEFT. leave the fan belt on, place the chisel on the edge of the fan nut and let her rip. if you don't have an air chisel a cold chisel and hammer will also work.

: Everything here sounds great i just had the same problem on my dads 2000 blazer. I don't have the special tools and mine was stuck pretty good. Its probably not factory recommended but i got it off by putting a chain under one of the cover plate bolts then the other end under the alternator bolt to hold it still we had already removed the belt before we relized the the fan came off the way it does. it still took a pipe wrench on the big bolt which i hooked another chain to and pulled on while my dad hit it with a hammer. i don't know if this helps anyone but might give you an idea of the force u might need to apply. Also i agree the bolt does turn to the left same as most bolts.


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