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Remove the interior door panelI just did this on my 98 Seville SLS. (I just did it on a 1999 SLS and it worked exactly as described. BTW, also have a Chilton manual and it told me to remove the door lock lever in search of yet another screw which does not exist!) This should work on the 99 as well as the Eldorado. Tools - strong, medium flathead screwdriver for prying; #2 Phillips; flashlight(optional)

1) Lower the window.

2) Remove the Phillips screw on the lower left of door (near the bottom).

3) Pry out the power window control assembly - use a flathead and pry from the front. Be carefull, it will come out, but remove it slowly - I had to stick the screw driver down about 3/4 inch to release the metal clip. There are two metal clips - one in front the other in back.

4) Disconnect the electrical connector to the power window control assembly.

5) OK, there is the handle you use to pull the door closed - behind that pannel is a flap covered with leather - fold it UP - it doesnt look like a flap, because it's covered - fold it up, and you will see 2 Phillips screws - remove them.

6) Now, there is the interior door handle(the handle used to OPEN the door) - in the back of the handle well there is a dark piece of flat plastic - approx 2" x 3" - it comes out to expose the last screw - use the flathead - push in on the front side, then pry it towards the rear and then out. Push, pry, out.

7) Remove the last screw - it should be a Phillips, identical to the two from the other handle.

8) Now it's like any other door panel - begin popping the fasteners from the door panel off first from the bottom, and then the sides. Use your hands to do this - don't scratch that paint. It requires some force - if you break a fastner, don't worry, they are standard GM fastners and are cheap to replace.

9) Raise the door panel above the lock, and the door panel should be physically free.

10) There are two more electrical connectors now exposed - disconnect them, and your door panel is off. (On the 1999 SLS I also had to unhook the door opener cable which is very simple.)

To reinstall, it is essentially the reverse - the most trouble I had was lining up those plastic tabs. Make sure all 4 screws are in. The power window control goes back in much easier than it came out.

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Q: How do you remove the front door panel on a 1999 Cadillac Seville?
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