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Assuming it's the same as a 94 C1500, Open the glove-box, remove the screws across the top and bottom, remove the cables that support the glove-box door, remove the glove box door, remove the glove box compartment. I have a 95 K1500, you just have to squeeze the top of the glove box, clear the mount and then remove the plastic strap on the left side, and then open the glove box fully it just fall down, no need to unscrew anything.

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Q: How do you remove the glove-box in a 95 C1500?
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Where is the computer located on a 88 Chevy c1500?

Behind the passenger side Glovebox.

Where is blower motor on 96 accord if not behind glovebox?

The blower motor on a 96 Accord is behind the glovebox. You need to remove the door to the glovebox and the glovebox frame from the dashboard to get to the motor.

How do you remove glove box 2002 jeep grand Cherokee?

The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee glovebox is secured with a retaining screws. There are four retaining screws on the top and for retaining screws on the bottom of the glovebox. Remove the retaining screws to remove the glovebox.

What is the correct spark plug gap on a 95 Chevy C1500 with 305 engine?


Where is the computer on a 97 cavalier?

Remove your glovebox, and you will see it Its located right behind the glovebox.

Where is the blend door on a 1992 Cadillac deVille?

Behind glovebox in heater housing...remove glovebox and picture will form....

How do you change headlight on 1991 Chevy c1500?

You remove grill to remove and replace the headlights.

Where is the blower motor resistor switch located on a 1998 Chevrolet c1500?

Resistor is located on top of ductwork behind glovebox. 1. Revove glovebox door in which glove box is attached. 2. Remove plug from resistor--small flat screwdriver helpful to pry plug clip open while pulling upwards by wires. 3. Remove 2 resistor screws with 7mm socket and 1/4 drive ratchett. 4. Pull resistor up and out. Tedchap was here.

How do you remove the glove compartment for a rx300?

how do you remove the glovebox in an rx300 lexus 2002

How do you change the 8 track radio in a 1979 Trans Am?

.take. off glovebox door! then remove glovebox itself. if airconditioned, remove air ducks right behind glovebox. there are two and they have screws at the connections. you can then access the radio and rear radio strap. jeff

Where is the ac relay switch on a 2004 Toyota Corolla?

this relay switch is located behind the glovebox. You have to remove the entire glovebox to get to it

How do you get behind the glovebox on a 2003 Ford Focus?

Remove it.

How do you replace the blower motor switch in a 97 Tahoe?

It is located behind the glovebox. Remove the glovebox, and it will be back and to the left. All you do is remove the wiring and unscrew two screws and drop the new one in.

How do you change a cabin filter on a 2005 Honda Civic?

It's behind the glovebox. open the glovebox and remove the retaining clips that prevent it from opening all the way. You can then see the filter housing behind the glovebox.

Where is the blower resistor on a 92 Honda accord lx?

The Resistor is located on the outside of the blower motor. Have to remove the blower from under the glovebox to get to it. The Resistor is located on the outside of the blower motor. Have to remove the blower from under the glovebox to get to it.

How do you remove the grill from a Chevy C1500?

There are 10 screws in the grille that have to be removed. Remove all of them and then you should have the grille out. Simple as can be.

Where is the air intake sensor on a 1995 Chevy C1500 with a 350?

95 models did not use a air intake sensor.

Where is the blower fan 1990 Taurus?

The blower fan / motor is mounted behind the glovebox. Remove the glovebox for clear access to the 3 or 4 mounting screws.

Where isFuse location for cigarette lighter Ford Mondeo 2001?

On a Right hand drive Mondeo, it's behind the glovebox (you have to remove the glovebox to get at the fuses).

How do i change the dust cabin pollen filter on a Nissan almera tino?

Remove the glove box, and the panal behind that, and its behind there. (plenty of screws) To remove the glovebox you pop out some little lugs that go in the bottom of the glovebox, where it hinges.

How do you change the heater core in a 93 Mercury Villager Van V6 engine?

You hav to remove the glovebox, the cover below the glovebox, and the console below the radio. This is quite ajob. after you remove all those panels you can see it and their will be ducts and a bunck of other stuff to remove. It is easier to remove these than most vehicles. You don have to remove the dash on these vehicles.

How do i change out spark plugs on a 1999 Chevy 2500 express van?

the spark plugs are located behind the glovebox inside the van. you have to remove the glovebox and carpet to get to the engine.

Where is the fuel pump relay on Mitsubishi express express sj?

remove glovebox.

How do you replace the interior ac air filter in a 95 integra?

The interior air condition filter also know as pollen filter on a 1995 Integra is located in the cabin of the vehicle. Remove the glovebox and the filter is directly behind it. Pull and replace the filter.

How do you remove the glove compartment in 1997 e 320?

Begin by first opening the glovebox and removing the light assembly at the top. Pry the right side of the light assembly downward and it will pop out. Disconnect the connector going to the light and set it aside. Now you'll need to remove the glovebox. The glovebox is held in place by six Phillips head screws, two on the top edge of the glovebox under the dashboard trim, two along the bottom edge of the glovebox under two rubber caps and two hidden up underneath the top edge on either side of the light. You'll need to remove the rubber caps along the bottom edge of the glovebox. Just pop them out with a screwdriver. Once all the screws have been removed, give the glovebox a firm tug towards you to remove it from the dashboard. For a detailed explanation with pictures see the related link below.