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Overview: Just did this in my 2000 Camry LE, which looks exactly the same as your 1999. I have no prior automotive experience and found this fairly easy.

Setup: There are 3 screws visible across the top of the open glove box and one screw visible at the bottom left as you face the closed glove box. There is one bolt hidden at the bottom right behind the door frame molding. There is one hidden clip attaching the backside of the frame to the dashboard 6 or 8 inches above that same bolt. These 4 screws, 1 bolt, and 1 clip attach the glove box frame to the dashboard.

Empty the glove box before you proceed further.

Step 1: Pry up the molding from the bolt using your hand at the joint in the molding at the bottom right side of the assembly, and remove the bolt using a 10 mm socket.

Step 2: Remove the screw on the lower left.

Step 3: Open the glove box and remove the three screws. You need to support the weight of the glove box assembly as you remove the last couple screws.

Step 4: Pull the assembly slightly down and mostly toward you, with special attention to pry/pull off the upper right which is still held by that hidden clip. I had to use a large screwdriver protected with masking tape for the last little bit of prying.

Step 5: Now you will have one set of wires that still connects the glove box assembly to the car. Snap that apart from the glove box assembly, but only after making note how it snaps back together. (Take care not to disconnect the wire itself. I read somewhere that this wire is part of the airbag system.)

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Q: How do you remove the glove box for a 1999 Toyota Camry?
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