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How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick?


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2011-07-24 14:29:32
2011-07-24 14:29:32
make a steering wheel puller

RULE 1, all cars, DEFEAT ALL AIR BAGS first , can kill any mechanic.

89 dont have them but... other read this and get silly.

pull wheel. (yes, the plastics, come off, that is on all obvious, no ?)

yes remove the big nut first, and yes, like all cars, use a center punch and mark

the center shaft and wheel so you dont have to do the drive and find center trick.

wheel off.

loosen bottom 4 nuts where column hits fire wall . (at toes) 4 turns each,about.

remove top and bottom covers plastic.

remove column clamp. bolts 2.

column drops.

see antithieft bolts on top, take a small cold chisle and wack them ccw.

they unscrew. , remove lid.

pull switch assembly from column.

now you can work on it. no other way. its is anti-theft protected so pin locks are on the rear.

the puller is , a flat bar or angle iron (HRS) you drill 2 holes that align with

the 2 matching holes in the wheel. the buy 2 long metric bolts. ACE hardware!

bingo , a puller.

details 2, some guys must ham fist it off, banging hard upward with too fits.

wear a hockey mask so nose dont get broke.

this poster below never read my list, it says "remove top and bottom covers plastic." not clear?

Getting started part 1First thing u need to do is remove the plastic from around the steering column and after that u should be able to see the ignition switch inside their and.... well i dont know anything from here on out. good luck.

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