How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L?

Hey Sherry==The switch is mounted on the steering column about 18 inches from th floor. Simply remove the 2 screws holding it and remove the swirch. GoodluckJoe

The ingnion switch is stright across from the key tumbler there are 3 (number t25 torx head screws on the botton of the schrowd under the steering wheel there down in a hole T- handle torx is ideal remove bolts shrowed will be loose but will not come off there are 2 torx heads on top behind the stearing wheel again with a little sqeeze and a t- handle you can these out take off shrowed black switch with 2 t10 torx heads holdind the switch un stap switch wires you good to go