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I found the info on removeing the factory radio and other info on accessing the dashboard panel interior here at a sienna forum

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โˆ™ 2005-09-09 01:37:33
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Q: How do you remove the in dash CD player on a 04 Sienna?
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How do you remove dash in 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic?

To remove the dash in 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic you need a tool box. The tools in the tool box will help you open and then remove the dashboard in the 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic.

Remove 04 Chevy silverado dash grab handle?

You have to remove the top portion of the dash, after removed you'll see tabs on both sides of the handle. Push them in and pull the handle out.

04 f250 dash removal?

Remove all screws and it should pop right off.

Where is the airbag module located on a 04 sienna?

The airbag module on an 04 Toyota Sienna is located at the front of the engine compartment. It monitors for impacts which cross a threshold which triggers the airbags.

Your check engine light and vsc light came on in your 2004 Toyota sienna?

The gas cap was loose on my '04 Sienna. How's that for simple...

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How do you take out the stereo of a 04 1500 dodge ram?

the radio in this truck is very simple to remove as you sit in front of the radio in the lower front corner of the dash inside the garbage bag clip the is a Philips head screw remove this screw the rest of the panel is held in with clips you must also remove the bolster pad that's the pad below the steering colum to alow for removal of dash face without damage then simply remove the 4 screws that the unit in place and remove the unit if this truck has the infinity system it has a separate amp that is accessed through removal of the entir dash

How do you get the CD player out of an 04 cavalier?

take off the dash then you need to unscrew the CD player. once you have done that, you will need to unhook the wire harness from the back of the CD player, the adapter should have 1 piece the you need to push down to pull it out. -Shocker

How do you Remove dash to replace blend door on 2003 ford explorer?

There is an easy fix kit called the "HeaterTreater" that is available on eBay and at This fix is all-inclusive, easy to install, does not require removal of the dash, and only takes about 45 minutes. It cover Ford Rangers from 96'-04'

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Where is the heater blower fan on 04 Chevy Colorado?

passenger side under dash

How do you remove the CD player from a 04 Nissan sentra?,_Remove_radio_CD_player_P20744/ the third post on this forum has step by step directions

Where is diagnostic port on 04 diesel mondeo?

The port is on the right hand side at the bottom of the dash towards the foot well, it pulls down from behind the dash.

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How can you clean moisture and fog from inside of the light enclosure of a 2004 Sienna?

This is a manufacturers defect usually in the passenger side bulb housing. It is a warranty item and needs replacement. Go to to see everything else you may need to see on your (and my) 04 Sienna. jimc

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remove cover from top of engine

How do you remove a 2004 Chevy Impala car stereo?

Not sure how old this question is but you have to remove the front dash clip. remove the screw behind the left and right side fuse panel. Drop the panel that sets above your leggs and then remove the 2 screws that hold up the lower dash panel just below the steering wheel. when the screws are removed then "CAREFULLY" pull the dash panel off from the passenger side to the driver side. ""Hint" put the key in the ignition and turn it to accessary, push break pedal down and shift your gear shifter if it is a steering column shifter down to 1st gear, then lower steering wheel all the way down. This will help when removing the dash facia from the driver side. Once the dash facia is removed you will see 3 screws holding the stereo in. Here is a Problem I ran into just today on a friends 04' impala. There is no Stereo wiring harness adaptor for this car 04' and up unless you can get it directly from the manufature. Good luck w/ putting in the new stereo unless you are just replacing the stock radio w/ another stock radio.

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