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Hey Rich==First take out all of the screws you can find generally at the corners of the panel and remove the door and window cranks. Then remove all of the retainers around the entire panel ,except top. this will require a special tool. GoodluckJoe

i found this page on how to get a neon's door panel off hope it helps. its the only one that i could find with diagrams

First remove the screw in the hand pocket of the door. Then remove the screw inside the inside door handle relese. Then take a rag and slide it in between the window crank and door panel, moving it all the way around the window crank, you will hear the pin release itself then you can pull the window crank off an the door panel just comes off.

I just pulled the front door panels from my 1995 Neon with no special tools, and think I can offer some help for those with manual crank windows.

The first step is to remove the crank arm, which is a bit tricky. There is a clip which must be removed, though it is difficult to see. The easiest way I found was to jam an object in between the crank arm and the thin plastic ring next to it, in order to hold them apart while you get the clip off. You'll see that you can press in on the door panel to give yourself some room, and should be able to jam an object of 1/2 to 3/4 in in between the crank arm and the ring. NOW, the clip is attached to the crank arm, though it is difficult to see because of the way the door is concaved in. Once you see the clip, it will be obvious how to remove it, so I recommend putting a small make-up mirror next to the door so you can see behind the crank. If you still can't see the clip, just feel around underneath the crank until you feel a sharp edge (which is the end of one side of the clip), then use a small flat head screw driver to pry it off. The crank will simply fall off!

Next, remove the screw in the door pull cup as well as the Torx screw underneath the door handle itself. Now you should be able to start popping the door off, starting at the bottom. Pull the door panel until all of the plastic clips come out, but do not remove it yet! You have to disconnect the metal arm which connects the door handle to the latch. To do this, simply rotate the plastic clip away from the metal arm, unclipping it as you go. The rest is history! Good luck.

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Q: How do you remove the inside door panel on a 1995-1999 model year Dodge Neon?
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