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How do you remove the lower ball joint on a 1989 Honda Civic?


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2015-07-15 21:08:38
2015-07-15 21:08:38

I recently removed the lower ball joint from a 91 Civic, hopefully it is the same as yours. You need a fairly large double jaw gear puller. Loosen the castle nut, but do not remove it. Place the jaws of the gear puller under the boot of the ball joint (be careful not to damage the boot). Then place the screw part of the puller on the end of the ball joint bolt and tighten the puller as tight as you possible can. Then use a blunt punch and hammer to hit on the lower arm where the bolt goes through it, it requires quite a vibration to jar the ball joint loose. Good luck.


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Not so easy.This is pressed into the lower control arm.So :Jack and support carRemove lower ball joint to upright nut.Separate ball joint from upright. Usually with a hammer and suspension fork.In some cases there is a spot weld that needs to be ground off in place of the snap ring.Remove the snap ring that retains the joint into the lower control arm.Use your portable ball joint and suspension press to remove and install the replacement joint.Assembly is reverse of disassembly.

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Honda knows they have a problem with the passenger side lower ball joint on 2001-2005 Honda civic. refer to Honda service bulletin 04-079 dated December 21,2004. the bulletin describes how to remove the ball joint and Honda now has a ball joint replacement. however, the service bulletin suggests checking the opening in the knuckle to make sure it will receive the new ball joint. the bulletin also suggest that Honda will repair it even if it is out of warranty as a good will gesture. if not, purchase the entire knuckle assembly with a ball joint from majestic Honda. it will cost you about 100 dollars .

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Must be pressed in. Remove steering knuckle and take it to a shop The ball joint was 25 and the shop I went to charged 75 to press it in

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The 2001 Honda Accord lower ball joint torque specification is 90 pounds. The lower ball joint should be torqued in 45 pound intervals.

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how to remove lower ball joint on 2003 gmc savana van

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