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you will need a filter tool and with the right tool it is very easy.. Answer 2 I assume you are talking about a JDM Surf. The easiest way to get to the oil filter is through the driver (Right hand Drive) wheel well. If you cant fit remove the tire. it is a pain in the butt if you just try to reach in through the top or bottom.

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Q: How do you remove the oil filter seemingly no space from a Toyota Hilux Surf?
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Where is the cabin air filter on a 1999 Toyota hilux?

If hilux has a filter it should be behind the glove box. Most likely you will have to remove the box in order to get access to the filter.

How do you reset the fuel filter warning light off for Toyota hilux?

To reset the fuel filter warning light off for the Toyota hilux one must replace the filter that switch the car on and off. They must also click the rest button.

When was Toyota Hilux created?

Toyota Hilux was created in 1968.

What car is better a Nissan patrol or a Toyota hilux?

Toyota hilux

What is a Hilux?

The Toyota Hilux is a pick up truck

Is the new ford ranger faster than the new Toyota hilux?

Toyota HILUX is faster

What is the Best Toyota used truck?

One of the best Toyota used truck is the Toyota Hilux. In other countries, the Toyota Hilux is marketed as the Toyota Tacoma.

Where can one buy a used Toyota Hilux?

Currently, one cannot buy a Toyota Hilux in the United States. The Toyota Hilux is not compliant with U.S. emission standards. If one wanted to purchase a used Toyota Hilux, they would need to purchase it outside of the U.S.

What is oil capacty of 2.8 Toyota hilux diesel?

W/oil filter: 4,5 L W/o oil filter: 4,2 L

How expensive is a new Toyota HiLux?

A new Toyota HiLux begins at $30,000 and can rise anywhere to $45,000 depending on the features you'd like with your new HiLux.

Where is the power window relay on Toyota hilux surf?

where is the power window relay located of toyota hilux surf

Where could one find a Toyota Hilux double cab for sale online?

One can find a Toyota Hilux double cab for sale on the websites such as eBay, carsales,and carepoint. One can also check on the toyota website for the Toyota Hilux double cab.

How can i start toyota hilux with out my key 2006?

You need to do what is called hot wiring if you want to start your Toyota Hilux without the key.

Where is a bleeder located on a 2003 Toyota hilux 3.4 v6?

Remove the wheel, the bleeder screws are on the inside on top of the caliper.

What is a Toyota hilux load capacity?

1085 kg. Ref:

Why is the 1993 Toyota hilux 22r is a good truck?

Because it has Toyota stamped on it.

Where can one purchase a 4X4 Toyota Hilux vehicle?

You can purchase a 4X4 Toyota Hilux from your local Toyota dealership. Failing that, you can try local private sellers, other dealerships or sites such as AutoTrader.

How does the Toyota Hilux compare to similar models by other companies?

The Toyota Hilux was created by the Toyota car company around the late 1960's. It was meant to become a pickup truck, compact truck, and SUV combined. Toyota and other car companies typically do not combine different car categories today, which is why the Toyota Hilux has mostly been retired.

How heavy is the Toyota hilux?

1.5 tons, i will say.

Can you use royal purple on a Toyota hilux?


What is the firing order for a 1975 Toyota hilux?

hallo the firing order for 75 hilux on the 12r motor is 1342

How do you turn of fuel filter light on Toyota Hilux Diesel?

Have you purged the fuel filter? Usually it means you have water or something in the fuel. My 94 hilux does it from time to time. The filter on mine is on the passengers side it has a rubber knob on it. There is a butterfly nut underneath. Undo it and pump the rubber knob. It will pump out the water or contaminate from the system.Pump until you get a clean diesel flow from it.

Where can one find a dual cab Toyota Hilux 4x4?

There are many places one could find a dual cab Toyota Hilux 4x4. One place to look would be at a local Toyota dealer. One might also find a dual cab Toyota Hilux 4x4 by looking on websites such as Craigslist or eBay.

What does auv stand for?

AUV stands for action utility vehicle which is the Toyota Hilux. THIS IS A STICKER ON THE BACK OF THE HILUX, TAKE A LOOK!!

Where is the fuel filter located on 1994 Toyota pickup 22r 4 wheel drive?

Toyota 4 cylinder EFI engines have the fuel filter under the intake manifold. It can be tricky to get to and you may need to remove other parts to get in to it. If you have small hands and a cold engine you'll be way ahead. In the Hiace you have to remove the drivers seat and the panels under it, including the handbrake. In the Hilux you've got a lot easier access. Good luck.