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How do you remove the passenger door panel on a 1991 Ford Crown Victoria?


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2015-07-15 21:43:25
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i am working on this myself. no answer yet. but a beginning. if you stick a large straight head screwdriver between the panel and the door you can pop the panel out of the door. it is connected by small plastic pieces....just like on most cars. however it still will not come out. it seems that the arm rest is holding it in. the problem being, the screws under the arm rest (there are a few) are too tight for me to get undone. i will continue to work on it as i have time though.

SO, my assumption is that once you detach the arm rest you just need to pop out the panel. the plastic male pieces are connected to the panel so once you are done you just put it back in. it also appears that the inside window seal is connected to the top of the panel so once you get all of the connections undone you would want to lift it up to take it off, then to replace it start by putting the top part over the lip first then reattaching the panel.

from the shop manual:1989-91 Vehicles
  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. On 1990-91 vehicles, remove the speaker grille.
  3. Remove the retaining screws from the door inside handle cup.
  4. If equipped with armrest courtesy lamps, remove the lens, detach the bulb and wiring assembly from the pull cup and remove the pull cup.
  5. Working through the pull cup opening, disconnect the remote lock rod from the lock knob.
  6. Remove the retaining screw and the remote mirror bezel nut from the power window regulator housing switch plate, if equipped.
  7. Raise the plate to expose the window switch and power door lock switch and disconnect the switches.
  8. Remove the retaining screws from the armrest finish panel.
  9. Remove the retaining screws from the armrest and remove the armrest.
  10. Using a suitable trim pad removal tool, carefully pry the trim panel plastic push pin retainers from the door inner panel.

    NOTE: Do not use the trim panel to pry the clips from the door inner panel. Replace any bent, damaged or missing push pins.

  11. Disconnect the radio speaker wiring, if equipped.
  12. Remove the trim panel and watershield.

    To install:

  13. If the door panel is to be replaced, transfer the plastic push pins to the new panel. Make sure that the watershield is positioned correctly to the door sheet metal. Remove the door pull handle from the old panel and transfer to the new one.
  14. Position the door panel loosely to the door belt opening and route the wiring harness through the appropriate access holes in the panel.
  15. Connect the radio speaker, if equipped.
  16. Align the plastic push pins on the door panel to the holes in the door sheet metal and press the pins into place.
  17. Install the armrest and route the window regulator, remote mirror cable and power lock harness through the access hole.
  18. Install the armrest finish panel.
  19. Install the power window regulator switch plate housing to the armrest connecting the power window switch, power door lock switch and remote mirror bezel nut, if equipped, prior to securing the retainer screw.
  20. Connect the lock remote rod to the lock knob retainer boss.

    NOTE: Make sure that the remote rod is fully seated into the retainer boss, then function manually or with the power switch to ensure smooth operation of the lock knob.

  21. Install the bulb and wiring assembly.
  22. Install the lamp lens, if equipped, and the pull cup.
  23. On 1990-91 vehicles, install the speaker grille.
  24. Connect the negative battery cable.

Fig. 1: Front door panel - 1990-91 vehicles

Fig. 2: Rear door panel - 1989-91 vehicles


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You can see the blueprint of the door on a 1997 Grand Marquis/Crown Victoria at the related link below. This will aid in the removal of the panel.

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you have to remove the clips on the dash and take out the lock ring around the lighterr

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Look in the trunk behind the side panel on the driver's side. If not there, then the passenger side kick panel.

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Unless there is an access panel in the trunk, which is doubtful, you will have to remove the fuel tank from the vehicle to access the pump.

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