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How do you remove the power steering pulley?


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2015-07-15 19:52:19
2015-07-15 19:52:19

You need a special tool, you can get a set of pullers. Go to the local auto store of your choice (NAPA, Shucks, Auto Zone, etc.) and ask--they'll know. Once you get the tool, it's easy. When you are buying it ask how to use it. Likely price $20-$45 for a set to pull a few types of pulleys.


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how to remove a power steering pulley on a 1997 Nissan altima

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That requires the use of a power steering pulley PULLER. ( A special tool ) The pulley is pressed on.

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This requires a power steering pulley puller. This puller is designed to remove and install a power steering pulley without damage to the pulley and or pump. Attempting to do this without the puller will result in damaging the pulley or the pump or both.

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Begin by removing the power steering pump belt from your 1991 Cadillac power steering pump pulley. Remove the power steering pump pulley retaining bolt. The retaining bolt will be in the center of the pulley.

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It is not possible to remove the power steering pulley on a 1997 Buick Le Sabre without removing the power steering pump.

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