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How do you remove the radio and dome light fuses inside the yellow square tube in the fuse box under the hood of a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant?


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2008-04-25 17:42:34
2008-04-25 17:42:34

Pull the yellow box up to loosen both fuses at once, after this the fuses are only held in by the tabs inside of the yellow 'fuse holder'


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For a Galant: Open the trunk. Remove the three clips. Take off the trim cover partially. Remove the three light case mounting nuts. Push the white square grommet and remove the light case. Remove the socket assembly and bulb together by turning it counterclockwise. Take off the bulb by turning it counterclockwise while pushing it inward. The outer two bulbs are for the tail light. Use bulb number 2057.

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