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How do you remove the radio in a 1999 Hyundai Accent?

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If the car is like the 1997 model Hyundai Accent (USA, or 1999 Excel from Australia) try this:-

1/ Remove the panel under the steering wheel. There should be four bolts - the two at the top are covered with plastic caps. When you have removed the panel, take off the two climate control cables that run to the air controls on the dashboard. They should be secured with clips which need to come off, and the wire centre is wound around a small control knob which should have a push in clip so the wire can slip off.

2/ Make the glove box drop down by removing the two plastic clips at the back of the inside of the glove box. These clips are the glove-box buffer stops and should spring off and can be pulled through the clip-opening. Behind the glove-box is another wire to un-clip, but this one slips straight off the metal control actuator.

3/ Remove the ash-tray by pressing the spring loaded metal part down and take the two screws out at the back of the ash-tray. You should now be able to unclip the central dashboard. Use a screwdriver to lever it away gently, and watch for the small metal clips that drop out as you do so. As you pull it away the cables you unclipped will come away from their place and come out with the dash unit.

4/ After pulling the dash-board out a few inches you should be able to see the seating screws for the radio. Take all the screws out and pull the radio forward. By unclipping the cables at the top of the unit you will find you have enough play to pull the driver's side right forward and jigger the head unit out of the gap on one side of the unit.

That was the method I've just used on a 1997 model Hyundai Accent to take the radio out (and worked for me on a '99 Excel Sprint). I fixed the tape and stuck it back in and it all works. Heaven knows why they made it so difficult to get at but there-ya go. . Roger :o)

Additional hints/comments by Aybiss.

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Just above the panel that contains the radio is a button with a red triangle. The button is rectangular and is just below the heat vent.

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