How do you remove the rear Brake Rotor on a 1996 Honda Accord?

I'm having my front Rotors replaced currently and according to my mechanic the front rotors are pressed onto the hub and require special equipment to remove and install. I assume the rear rotors are similar. If true, I would have a qualified shop handle the work.


Mine ended up being fused so tight that a mechanic had to break them off. He said it was common with Honda. I have a 96 EX accord as well


The front brake rotors are NOT pressed on, on a 1996 Accord. They are captive with the hub bearing assembly. Removal requires removal of the drive axle nut, and dis-assembly of the lower part of the suspension, and removal of the hub bearing from the steering knuckle.

There is no hydraulic press required, no special tools other than normal tools to separate the ball joint and tie rod, etc.

The rear rotors remove normally when the caliper is removed. Use a large screwdriver to twist the piston in (instead of compressing it) when installing new pads on the rear.