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How do you remove the rear seat in a 1998 Mercedes E320 in order replace the battery?


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2015-07-15 19:01:49
2015-07-15 19:01:49

Push in on the bottom and then raise it up.

There is a latch on each side. Stick your finger in and push up.


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First, take the battery cables off then remove the battery hold down then remove the battery. Reverse order to install. Be sure to clean the cables.

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Take out the battery, unbolt and remove the battery tray. This will expose where the ground is. Unbolt that. Replace in reverse order of the above steps.

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In general, remove negative cable from battery, remove electrical wires from starter, remove bolts holding starter in place, remove starter. Replace starter in reverse order.

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Open hatch behind drivers seat......remove battery cables.....remove battery hold down clamp at lower back flange of battery...pull out battery....replace in reverse order.

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You can order the part at installation is easy. Just remove the clamps remove the hose replace the clamps with the new hose.

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