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Push in on the bottom and then raise it up.

There is a latch on each side. Stick your finger in and push up.

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Q: How do you remove the rear seat in a 1998 Mercedes E320 in order replace the battery?
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How do you remove and replace a dead battery in a '96 Explorer XLT?

First, take the battery cables off then remove the battery hold down then remove the battery. Reverse order to install. Be sure to clean the cables.

How do you replace a negative battery cable 96 Chevy s10?

Take out the battery, unbolt and remove the battery tray. This will expose where the ground is. Unbolt that. Replace in reverse order of the above steps.

How do you remove and to replace starter?

In general, remove negative cable from battery, remove electrical wires from starter, remove bolts holding starter in place, remove starter. Replace starter in reverse order.

Battery removal 1981 Corvette?

Open hatch behind drivers seat......remove battery cables.....remove battery hold down clamp at lower back flange of battery...pull out battery....replace in reverse order.

How do you replace the radiator bypass hose in a 1989 Mercedes 190E?

You can order the part at installation is easy. Just remove the clamps remove the hose replace the clamps with the new hose.

What battery does a 2011 Honda Pilot key fob use?

In order to replace the battery you will have to remove the old one. Once you do that you will see exactly the battery you need.

How do you remove the battery in order to replace it in a 1999 Nissan Quest?

Find it. Remove the battery post connections. Find and release the battery hold down clamps or fixture. Reverse the procedure with a new battery. Reprogram the car computer.

How do you replace spark plugs on 2003 buick century 3.1 motor?

It is important to replace old spark plugs to keep a car engine running well. To replace them disconnect the battery, remove the cables, remove the old spark plugs, replace with the new spark plugs, replace the cables in the correct order, and connect the battery.

How do you change the battery on a 1997 Ford Aerostar?

Remove the battery cables. Remove the battery tiedown. Remove the battery from the Aerostar. Reinstall in reverse order.

How do you replace a car battery for a Renault laguna?

13mm socket, remove anchor at base of battery holding it in place. Then with 8mm socket/spanner remove both terminals. Do this in reverse order and your good to go

How do you change battery on 2002 325i BMW?

the battery is located in the right rear of the trunk, remove the two small black plastic screws that hold down the black plastic cover in your trunk over the battery, remove both battery cables from the battery with a 10mm, also there is a long bolt that holds down the battery on the far back of the battery, that is also a 10mm, remove that and remove and replace the battery in reverse order.

How do you remove battery from dodge stratus?

Jack up left front of vehicle and remove left front tire. Remove left front inner splash guard.remove battery holdown,negative battery terminal and thenpositive terminal.Remove battery through inner fender well and replace with new.reverse order for installation.

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