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There is a carrier bearing on the back side of the engine block just above the oil pan with three 14mm bolts in it. You'll need to remove those. Unbolt the brake caliper via the bracket (removes entire assembly) via 18MM bolts. Remove 1 1/4 inch axle nut in the center of the hub. Then remove the two bolts and nuts from the strut assembly (just above the hub and rotor) and shake the assembly loose. Once the axle is freed from the hub (you may need a hammer to do this) go under the car and use a prybar or large screwdriver and pry the axle loose. It might take some elbow grease, but it will come out. When it starts to move when prying, grab it and give it a vigorous shake while pulling outward. Should slide right out. I just had to do an engine in my '89 which required the removal of the 5 speed trans as well, but if you have an automatic the setup should not be much different. Hope this helps, email if you have any more Probe questions pertaining to the first generation.

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Q: How do you remove the right half shaft on 1989 Ford Probe?
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Ford Probe was created in 1989.

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Once you remove the dust cover attached to your shifter, you'll see your shaft going into a gear box. There will be a pin to remove and this will allow you to pull the shifter right out. good luck

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to remove fuel pump first remove rear seat cushion by releasing clips underneath the seat. there is a cover under it. remove that and the fuel pump is right there. easy because you dont need to drop the gas tank for it . -mike-

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If you have the original factory tank, it has a drain plug (bottom center) you can remove with a wrench.


If you're talking about the VSS, it's located at the top of the transmission, above the transmission output shaft. It looks like a probe, but you're only going to see the top of it until you remove it.

How do you remove a stuck distributor rotor from a 1989 2.5L LeBaron?

The Rotor has a small bolt that holds the Rotor on the shaft. Did you Loosen this bolt?

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you dont, if you want to disconnect it then remove your front drive shaft.

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It unscrews by turning counterclockwise. There is a small "flat" on the shaft to assist in removal.

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The rotor only fits one way on to the distributor shaft.

Can a turbo from a 1989 Ford Probe be used on a 1989 Ford Probe non turbo?

if you have the exhaust manifold, oil lines, etc. from the 89 GT then yes.

Is the 1989 Kawasaki voyager 1200 shaft driven or chain driven?


What was the first year the Ford Probe was introduced?

The first model year of the Ford Probe ( in North America ) was ( 1989 )

You need to know how to remove the crank shaft positioning sensor for a 1989 2.8 lt. Chevy Celebrity with a V6 Thanks?

The answer depends on what engine you have.

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take out the four bolts where the drive shaft meets the rear end,then move the driveshaft foreward about one inch,drop the driveshaft down and pull it out.

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take off the drivers side tire, then the plastic splash gaurd. alternator will be right there

What type of freon refrigerant does a 1989 Ford Probe use?


How much does a 1989 Ford Probe gt weigh?

about 2900 pounds

What years did ford make the probe?

1989 to 1997 ( according to )

What is the firing order on a 2.2L 1989 Ford Probe?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For the 2.2 liter four cylinder engine in a 1989 Ford Probe : ( 1 - 3 - 4 - 2 )

What is the brake bleeding sequence on an 1989 Ford Probe GT?

pass rear,driver rear,pass front,driver front Rear right, rear left, front right, front left.

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i think that it might work

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