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Hi, actually I just did this on my 98 Aurora today. I didn't know how either until today. There is a slot in the side of the leather that faces the radio. I first thought That you must have to depress a tab or something while pulling up on the handle, Not So. I searched the internet last night looking for an answer and the only thing I could find was how to replace a standard GM knob with a Hurst and it mentioned something about pulling out a retaining clip. I called 3 different GM dealers today and the first 2 gave me the classic "our mechanics are all busy right now" kind of crap (I'll never take my car to them now) Thank You. The third however told me right away that if it was like their Pontiacs, that there indeed is a small retaining clip inside the same slot I mentioned above. To remove this clip, simply take a small blade straight screwdriver (about 1/8th inch wide) and gently dig around in the upper part of that slot I mentioned, until you get a corner of the screwdriver underneath the end of the clip and gently pry it out. The Shift lever will pop right off. It's even easier than it sounds. This clip I would describe as a 'U' shape with back (or the bottom, or the closed part) of the 'U' facing the radio. Remember, you can of course move the shifter around (even into Low) in order to give yourself better access. Of course this 'U' shaped clip sits horizontally around the shifter shaft which is approx 7/16th" OD. WARNING: If the car does have the power transmission switch, beware there is a plug that has to be removed from the handle provding the car has the switch. This plug is a bit of a bear to remove. It has (at least mine did) a removable clip on one side that is harder to put back in upon re-assembly than it is to remove during dis-assembly. Also there is a clip on the other side of the plug. The same small screwdriver that I used to remove the retaining clip for the lever is what I used to get this plug loose. You kind of have to slide the gray (removable clip back partially into the socket before attempting to re-insert the plug. Just play arount with it and I'm sure you'll figure out a way. I sure . I was able to replace my complete center console today (cup holders included) as a result of finding out about the retaining clip. Good Luck, Jim

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Q: How do you remove the shift lever head from 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora to replace the plastic strip?
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