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Ok i havent tried it yet but in the book it says to jack the front end, support it. then take a jack and support the engine (using a piece of wood between the jack and engine). take the front engine mount bolt off, and then you should be able to rotate the engine? thus allowing you access to the starter. i don't know if there may be a better way, such as taking the fans off and trying to yank it out that way, but im going to try the first method tonight so ill keep you posted

Ok so i just recently took off the starter and it took about an 1 hr. however it is rather simple. and the book was no help. so this is what you need to do.... take out the battery, then take out the batter tray (holder)-- its just like 2 screws you just need to loosen and 2 other ones you need to take out and the tray lifts right up (except for electrical conn. and air tube dealy thing-- oh yeah and the fuse box is connected to the tray. so once that's done you have easy acces to the top bolt on the starer, the bottom bolt is attainable without doing the stuff in the prev. paragraph however it may help out. unplug the electric connector on the starter and also undue the bolt that's holding the + wire on the starter (from batt.) the starter is now free.... i took off one of the fans to get the starter out but you may be able to fish it down through the bottom of the car. Good Luck!!

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Q: How do you remove the starter from a 1995 Dodge Neon?
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