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How do you remove the steering wheel on a Chevy Lumina?


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For 90' Lumina (possibly through 93') WITHOUT AIRBAG:

Center the steering wheel. The center cover (horn pad) pops off with a steady pull. It is attached with four barbed plastic studs that press into the wheel itself. If you break one or two of the studs, don't panic - two will secure it soundly. Now remove the steering wheel bolt safety clip using a clip tool. Remove the steering wheel bolt. Mark the shaft and the steering wheel mount plate so you know where to align it during re-assembly. There are two threaded holes on either side of the shaft, screw in the two side bolts of a steering wheel puller tool into those holes but DON'T smoke them down (you'll damage the horn ground sleeve)... just screw them in so that two or three threads are still visible. Now tighten the center bolt of the steering wheel puller tool until you have firm tension (it's hard to turn). Get a hammer and smack the center bolt firmly in rapid succession. You'll see the wheel start to come away. Once it starts to come away, stop hammering and pull the wheel off manually. Remove the horn ground sleeve and LIGHTLY coat the serated area of the shaft with grease before re-assembly.


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