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How do you remove the stock speakers in a 98 S10 Chevy Blazer?


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In order to remove the front door speakers you must remove the screw from the door handle release, and then two under the armrest handle. There are 9 nylon rivets that hold the door in place. Be careful and stick a screwdriver between the door panel and the door itself to pry part of it open. It's easiest to pop off the side closest to the back of the door. Pull the panel away from the door, working from the back, then down, then up the front. After that, you lift the panel off of the door. There's a C-channel holding the door against the window.

The Hayes manual said that I would need to drill out the rivets, but the speaker is held onto a housing with 4 Torx screws. Don't drill them out-just use the appropriate wrench to get it off. You can then cut the speaker wires and pull the speaker out.

To reassemble, just do the same in reverse.

Note: When putting in aftermarket speakers, the holes aren't likely to match up with what was originally there. If you can hold the speaker against the housing so it's seated well, you can use a Sharpie to draw the profile onto the housing and then drill holes for the new speakers. Make sure you use the right bit. You can always make a bigger hole, but you can't make a smaller one.

Dash Speakers: just pop out the speaker grills and the speakers can be disconnected, and un bolted from the grills

Rear Speakers:The rear side interior panels must be removed but only after the seat belts upper mounting brackets have been removed, and the mouldings aroun dthe rear seats if its a crew cab. The side panels are removed as one whole piece that can be popped out with 8 or so clips holding it in. There may be one or two small screws, look carefully


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im trying to find out the same thing

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if it is not on the drivers side of the engine, there may be a stock oil filter relocator that puts the oil filter right behind the drivers side headlight, you must remove the air filter box to see it.

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