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I believe you can get to the screws of the tail-lights (lamps) by opening the trunk and looking behind the plastic wall in the vicinity of the tail-lamp (light) area. I just looked at mine and did not see any screws on the outside of my 95 Tracer, so when I popped the trunk, there were screws behind the plastic vinyl wall at the taillamp area. Don't know which screws exactly lead to the taillamp, but you might can take out the taillamp bulbs for a better look.

Yeah the nuts are behind the plastic wall I think they are 10mm nuts.

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Q: How do you remove the tail lights on a Mercury Tracer?
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What would cause your tail lights and dash light fuse to keep blowing on a 1991 mercury tracer?

you could have a short between the two.

What would be the cause of non-functioning tail lights and reverse lights on the trunk and not the body of a 96 Mercury Tracer?

ck bulbs first then ground circuit and power on trunk lights.Ground most likely

Where is fuse for tail lights in 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis?

where is the fuse for tail lights in 1988 mercury grand marquis

Why does 95 mercury sable have no dash lights and no tail lights?

It does have both tail lights as well as dash lights

How do you remove tail light assembly on 2005 mercury mariner?

Remove the wiring harness from the tail light assembly in your 2005 Mercury. Remove the tail light assembly retaining bolts. The tail light assembly will come out.

How do you remove civic type r tail lights?

you have to remove the bumper in order to remove the lights :)

Your head lights and tail lights do not work Brake lights work Fuses are ok?

94 mercury grand marque dashboard, hazard, and tail lights do not work?

Where can you git tail lights for your 1963 mercury monterey?


How do you remove Nissan Sentra tail lights?

You can access the Nissan taillights from the cargo compartment. Remove the tail light assembly cover. Remove the tail light wiring harness. Remove the tail light assembly retaining bolts.

How do you remove 2008 BMW tail lights?

with a hammer

How do you change the rear tail lights when the tail gate hatch is broke off on a Mercury Monteray?

Repair tail gate hatch first.

How do you install expedition taillights?

Open rear door hatch. There on top of the rear tail lights you will see two or three screws. Remove those screws and gently remove the tail lights. When your done with the tails lights reinstall.

Headlights work but tail lights won't on my 1989 mercury grand marquis?

If your headlights work, but your tail lights don't, your bulbs could be blown. It is possible that you have a shortage in your car.

How do you remove cover on tail lights on Buick regal?

Get a rock

How do you change the tail light bulb in a 1985 Corvette?

Remove tire and inner fender well and change it from there. Other option is to remove the licence plate and reverse lights,reach through to the tail lights.

Is there a fuse for the license plate lights on a 1996 Mercury villager?

Should be the same circuit for parking/tail/dash lights

How do you remove tail lights in a 2006 civic?

The tail lights on a 2006 Honda Civic are mounted to the brackets in the trunk of the car. Open the trunk and remove the mounting bolts. Unplug the bulbs and the housings will then be able to be removed.

Electrical wiring problems with some lighting circuits on a 1992 mercury grand marquis?

dash lights and tail lights cut out

Where is the wiring harness for the tail lights located on a 2003 mercury grand marquis?

There is a lights control box under your steering wheel.

How do you access the tail lights on a 98 Olds Intrigue?

Remove the carpet behind the tail lights and you will see the mounting sockets for the bulbs. I agree, it's a dumb arrangement.

Which fuse controls dash and tail lights on 1994 Mercury Marquis?

If your tail lights and dash lights do not come on and the fuses are not blown it more than likely is the headlight switch.Dashlights and taillights on differant fuse.Just put one in my car Sat.

How do you remove the tail lights on a 2004 Toyota Camry SE?

from inside trunk remove trunk liner to expose back side of lights locate screws and remove install is the reverse

How do you replace tail lights and brake lights on a 2008 Ford F-350?

4 screaws remove lences

How do you remove tail light cover on alero?

Inside trunk, remove thumb screw to fold back paneling near tail lights. Then remove three thumbscrews and the whole tail light assembly can be moved out to change light bulbs.

How do you replace tail lights in 2001 Honda Civic?

In order to replace your tail lights you need to first remove your rear bumper, there is a screw on both sides, and a 1/4 in bolt on both sides, you then need to open the trunk and remove the bolts on the inner left and right side ( you may have to remove the plastic black oval covers), remove the two clips on the bottom of the bumper pull the bumper out and away from the vehicle. at this point you need to remove the snap bolts holding the trunk liner. you then unloosen the three nuts on each tail light and the screw on the bottom of each tail light, under each tail light there is a black bracket which will need to be loosened also, you then disconnect your lights and slowly remove the tail lights out. installation is the reverse, be sure to tighten the black bracket in place, good luck.