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The taillight assembly is removed by:

  • dropping the tailgate
  • find screws on side of the body that the tailgate hides...they will be screwed into that area and pointing towards the side of the truck where the taillights are.....unscrew them. trust me, it will be obvious and nothing will fall off if you somehow pick the wrong screw.
  • taillight assembly will then come out but you may have to wiggle it a little....the screws inside the area of the tailgate hold in one side of the housing and the other side is secured via tabs. There are no other screws. You will see the assembly loosen when you remove those screws.
  • you can then replace bulbs by counterclockwise turning the socket that holds the bulb into the assembly or even replace the whole assembly with a cool aftermarket or other model assembly. (for example, if you can find a wrecked Lightning you can replace the boring assembly with a F150 Lightning assembly and save huge money and then be driving a custom truck !!!) Good luck !!!
  • if you do find an aftermarket assembly be careful when installing it because the original mounting screws may be longer than they need to be and could pierce into the reflective interier of the new assembly marring it for life. If in doubt and in this situation, just go slow and watch to see if the new assembly will seat properly to the body. Don't use a drill and driver !!!

Good Luck !!!!

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Q: How do you remove the tailight assembly on a 2001 Ford F-150 Supercrew?
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