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How do you remove the tension pulley on the 1993 Seville 4.6L Northstar engine?


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2015-07-15 19:33:43
2015-07-15 19:33:43

Not easily. Get a manual on your car.


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Release the tension with tension pulley. Follow belt pattern printed on a sticker under the hood

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The tension pulley is centerline with the engine and at the very top of the belt routing.

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Will be the only pulley that is spring loaded and not connected to an engine component

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tension pulley is an automatic tensioner that keeps the serpentine belt at the proper tension it is a single pulley that is smooth (no grooves) usually turning clockwise with constant pressure loosens pulley for belt removal use caution pulley is spring loaded

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Yes, it is used to adjust the tension on the A/C compressor. Looking into the engine compartment from the passenger side it is to the left of the alternator. To adjust tension you need to loosen the bolt which holds the pulley and then adjust the bolt which is directly above the pulley. Once you have proper tension tighten the pulley bolt.

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