How do you remove the transmission pan on a 1995 Mercury Tracer Trio?

This is a messy, but easy job. First use some ramps, and get access to the underside of the car. Then remove the plastic skid guard on the drivers side of the car. It should have about 5 or 6 bolts. Once that is removed, you should see the fairly rectangular transmission pan. I'm assuming you already have a new filter and gasket, you shouldn't reuse the old ones. Also make sure they are the right size, and type. Line the gasket up underneath the pan to make sure. Then loosen the bolts on the lowest part of the tranny pan, (likely the side farthest from the front of the car), put something underneath to catch the dripping fluid. And slowly make your way around the pan bolts loosening them. Eventually the fluid will start to drain out. It WILL be messy. Once you've emptied what you can, carefully remove the other bolts and lower the pan. Removing the filter isn't hard either, just a couple of bolts. Make sure you don't get any crap inside the naked valve body, or you will likely wreck it. Clean out the tranny pan really well, and let it air dry. Make sure you clean your magnets as well. If you see any metal slivers, be concerned. If it's just a muddy sludge, you're probably ok. When replacing the pan, try not to over tighten, and tighten them in a criss-cross pattern to prevent leaks. If you have a rubber gasket, don't use sealant on it!