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Ok, I got it myself. It is the standard horseshoe clip, but it was almost out of sight, closer to the handle, not towards the door door. I expected it to be visible so that you could actually push it off. NOT! Once I could see it I could then find a way to push it off. I had to take a coat hanger and flatten out the end of a straight section with a slight bend right near the tip. This gave me the angle to get at the clip. I found that the handle side of the crank was where to look. When I could not locate the clip on the drivers door I tried several of the other doors until I spotted the sneaky thing. I used a flat head screwdriver to hold the panel back, and a LED flashlight to light the way. Led flashlights have a smoother beam and seem to light better. Edit: I still had trouble with the other door, the above trick just did not seem to work. Finally tried a thin paint scrapper and pushed on it so to make it bow and to my suprise it knocked the clip right off. I suggest that if you think that you might need to get back into the door that you leave the plastic washer off. It does not seem to be needed for anything except to make the fit look tighter. This way you can see the clip and push it off with just about anything.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-27 09:19:59
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Q: How do you remove the window crank on a 06 Kia Rio?
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