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Unless you have very large amount of water in the gas tank, it should not be an issue. Your vehicle is fuel-injected and F/I systems are very tolerant of water introduction. For minor amounts of water, use a gas-dryer (alcohol) such as HEET or Prestone Gas Dryer. For large amounts of water, drop the gas tank, dry it out, remove the fuel pump, replace the fuel pump screen (sock) and pump and reassemble. Be sure to purge the water (if there is any) out of the fuel line by releasing fuel from the service port fitting on the F/I hose once the vehicle has been reassembled. Mark--Raleigh, NC

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Q: How do you remove water from the gas line on an 96 Olds Achieva?
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Run a fused HOT line from the fuse block to the switch under dash - the other end to the cooling fan

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