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Put the "O" ring on the line and lubricate it with a little silicone.

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Q: How do you replace the o-ring on the high pressure side of the fuel rail on a 1998 Olds Achieva 3100 V6 motor?
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4.3 for static

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Why is new caliper leaking?

There are two reasons i know of . first the oring in the piston is either cut or twisted. The other is that the o ring on the piston is to small. The only cure is to replace it either way.

How do replace gasket on oil cooler 93 Chevy 1500?

First you must unscrew the oil filter and remove the 2 lines going into the adaptor. Unbolt the 2 bolts holding the adaptor to the motor. Remove the adaptor. Clean gasket from adaptor and block. Replace gasket and resemble the way you took it apart. You can take the oil filter off then take the 2 bolts out of the adapter plate this will allow the adapter to be pulled down enough to replace the gasket witch is an oring. If you take the lines off they are quick release.

Why paintball gun leak out barel when put on co2?

most likely a valve oring in damaged.

After installing a new fuel pump on a 1990 caprice how do you reattach that metal ring to the tank to finish the procedure?

that is a tricky metal ring (locking ring) there is a special tool for that.but if you are going to do this once no need to spend the money on a tool you will never use again. the trick is to get all the tabs started at the same time. there is an oring and you need to push the metal ring straight against the oring and turn clock wise until all the tabs catch. then get a chisel or screw driver and a hammer. there are outside tabs on the metal ring. tap them and turn the whole thing in clock wise.wala It is easier to fit the oring...if you will be sure the area is clean of any dirt and grit. Grease the area lightly on the tank, the area also where the oring contacts the tank, and the locking ring side to oring. Press firmly together, all tabs do need to be interlocked. Be sure oring is under and sealing. DO NOT STRIKE lock ring , to fit it in place. NO SPARKS.

How do you replace a power steering pump on a 1998 Chevy Cheyenne PU 5.7 L 350 engine The pump has a pressure switch - how is it removed?

buy or rent a power steering pully puller tool. Remove the serp belt, pull off the pully, unbolt the pump from its bracket, unscrew the pressure line, remove clamp the remove the return hose use the new oring or plastic washer to seal the new pump to the hose The senser just unscrews be careful of its weak plastic

How do you replace the fuel injectors on a 2000 dodge ram?

remove fuel rail above the injectors un hook the wire and pop it out clean around the injector before removeing it keep the dirt out of the cyl use alittle grease on the oring when you put the new one in

How do you replace fuel tank sending unit?

Disconnect the hoses and electrical connections from the sending unit, rotate the locking ring counter clockwise until the "ears" of the locking ring line up with the opening on the tank, remove the locking ring, remove the tank sending unit, inspect the oring and mating surface on the tank for debris, reinstall the oring and new tank sending unit, install locking ring and rotate clockwise until it hits the stops, then reconnect hoses and electrical connections.

On a 93 lumina 31 liter can the oil pump drive be remove without removing the oil pump the drive leaks oil at the block seal and I'm trying to remove it to replace the seal?

the head has to be removed in order to get the drive out all of the way, but the easy way is to cut a notch at the top of the drive where it hits the head to get to the oring while it is still in the block then slide the oring over the top (after soaking in hot water is easier) once you get the new oring on get a SBC dist. gasket, splice it and put it around the top of the drive, the get some RTV silicone and goop it up to seal the gasket back together, this way takes about 2-3 hours and is WAY easier than removing the head,

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