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Origional:You can't. They are copy right protected by the company that owns the rights to that particular artist or song. there is no getting around it, belive me. I used to work for sony music. It is impossible.

Well since I corrected his part I'll put mine in now. I am personally looking for the same thing but have yet to find any answer that helps. I have found the answer that I can not change them from my computer, but if you have the cds for the music you can burn the music onto a computer. You just have to uncheck the box that says something along the lines of: "Protect songs", "Protect Music", "Protected". There should be a check box next to each song.

I have a WD My bookEssential externL Hard drive. I encountered this problem-I reset my ex hard-drive by removing the usb cable-now i CAN PLAY ALL THE CD'S THAT i RIPPED ONTO MY PC'S HARD DRIVE, THEN MOVED THEM ON TO MY EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE.

Try resetting your pc-That might work.

Sorry about all the CAPS. I'm getting used to a new keyboard.


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Q: How do you remove write protection on music files to copy to a device?
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Can you download music from an Xbox 360 to a device?

No, you cannot transfer files from your 360 to any other device No, you cannot transfer files from your 360 to any other device

How do you remove music off of your samsung intensity?

If it's music you uploaded from your computer you have to plug it back in and delete the music files by going to the phone on your computer and deleting the files

How do you download music to your psp?

You must first connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, your computer should recognize a new USB device. Open the folder dedicated to the USB device and create a folder for your music. Open the music folder and drag music files from your computer to the music folder on your PSP. Once the files are finished copying, the music files will be available on your PSP.

How do you turn copy-protected off a MP3?

how to remove copy-protection off a MP3 i have to much music and now i cant remove it its sayin (COPY-PROTECTION PLEASE REMOVE IT)

Can I transfer music files in my computer's iTunes program onto this mp3 device?

You can transfer music files to any mp3 player (unless the files are corrupt) but you cant use iTunes to transfer them. Only iPods work with iTunes.

Do digital music files need to be converted to MP3 format before they are transferred to a mobile device?


Is an ipod an input or output device?

Depends on how you look at it. For playing music and other audio it is an output device. For storing audio and other files, it is both an input and output device.

How do I find royalty free music?

Well when I need music put onto a device, I search for Torrents that can be converted to mp3 format. then when I have it in mp3 format I can then download it to any device that accepts mp3 files.

How do you disable write protection on downloaded music?

You will not be able to remove the protection. It is embeded in the file itself. These protected files come from Windows Media Player, usually when ripping music from a CD. It gives the option to protect the content. What this means, is Microsoft makes a license for that file, once you download that license, you can listen to the music no problem. AND.. that license can only be downloaded ten (10) times total.. by anyone, then the files are garbage. You are better off downloading a new version of that song.

How do you remove write protection off music? -DJ Craig

Do Android phones play music?

Yes, Android Phones can play music they are loaded with music players which can play music files for you and still if you don't have any music player over your Android device you can always download them from the stores.

How do you burn music onto an MP3 player from a computer?

To burn music onto an MP3 player from a computer, attach the device to the computer via the USB cable. Once the computer has detected the MP3 player, go to the file or folder on your computer where the music is stored, then cut and paste, or copy and paste the files. You can select multiple MP3 files at a time by holding down the Ctrl button. Go to My Computer and open the external device folder, then paste the files into it.

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