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How do you repair a 1989 Oldmobile Cutlass 3.8 after you crossed the plug wires?

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You put them on in the right order again.

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Replace blower in oldmobile cutlass ciera?

This is a fairly simple replacement, behind the alternator will be your blower motor. There should be some small screws holding the case on to the ducting assembly, and a couple wires. Undo all, and carefully slide the motor out. DO NOT try to replace the motor, and use the old squirel cage. You will be making the repair again if you do. Just buy a new assembly with both the motor and cage.

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Will a car run if plug wires are crossed?

If two wires are crossed it will run, poorly but run. If more than two are crossed it probably won't have enough power to move the vehicle if it runs at all.

Would 350 small block run with the firing out of order?

With two wires crossed it would run, poorly but it would run. With four or more wires crossed, probably not.

How do you replace spark plug wires on a 3300 oldmobile engine?

To replace spark plug wires on a 3300 Oldsmobile engine, open the hood and remove the wires from the end of the engine. The number of spark plug wires most often corresponds to the number of cylinders your engine has.

I might have the wires crossed on my vortec v6 how can i find out?

what kind of wires- electrical??, spark plugs??, battery??

On the cutlass ciera do any of the wires on the alternator have anything to do with the fuel pump?

No, none

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Wiring diagrams for a 1983 cutlass supreme?

what wires do i need to hook up to the alternator

What are all possible causes of the headlights of a 1985 928 Porsche crossing high and low beams. Right high and left low and visa versa.?

A body repair shop, crossed wires...

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What are the colors for a 83 Cutlass Cd wire harness?

A 1983 Cutlass CD wire harness has orange, yellow, black, gray, pink, and brown colored wires. The front speaker wires are dark and light green, tan, and gray. The back speaker wires are light and dark blue, yellow, and brown.

What is order for spark plug wires diagram for a 75 cutlass 350?

The firing order is 18436572.

Can crossed spark plugs cause sparks to come out of your tailpipe?

the only thing crossed spark plug wires can do is cause one to misfire.

What if your spark plugs was crossed up?

If you mean, what if your spark plug wires were crossed up, the engine would run terrible if it ran at all.

Why will the engine not start after you did a tune up?

you might have crossed up the plug wires.

Why was a helicopter hovering over above wires?

In my area they often use them to repair power wires

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How do you install a starter in an 86 Cutlass?

Its 2 9/16 bolts and 2 wires... Its 2 9/16 bolts and 2 wires... Its pretty easy if its a Supreme

Why does my Camaro starts when battery is connected after replacing the starter?

you've got your wires crossed on your starter,

Your truck is sputtering and sometimes backfire after replaceing distrubator cap?

Sounds as if you have some wires crossed.

What about spark plug wires being crossed could that cause it to backfire out of the carb?

Yes it would.