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The sauldering on the board behind the lighted display has come loose. You need to get it resauldered by someone who knows instrament panels, or it will do more damage than good.

My 92 Blazer S-10 4x4 lost all the lights on the dash. Local dealership quoted bet. $700 & $900. My mechanic took it out for me ($100), I shipped it to a guy in Canada who repairs these (he charged $125), the my mechanic replaced it. Been working perfectly ever since. I drove the car without the dash with no problem but the remove & replace only took about 4 days anyway. The guy in Canada in online, look up dashboard electrical repair.

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Q: How do you repair a 1992 S10 Blazer if the electronic instrument cluster blacks out and comes back after 10-20 minutes?
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Is the speedometer on a Chevy Blazer electronic or by cable?

I believe that the first digital cluster on a S-10 Blazer was in 1989.

Gauges don't work on 1993 S10 blazer equipped with electronic digital dash however speedometer does-any ideas?

you need a new instrument cluster about $350 same happened to mine.

How do you fix 1995 s10 blazer dash for not working?

If nothing on the dash (instrument cluster) is working, I would suspect the electrical plug in back is disconnected.

Do you have to pull dash 2005 trail blazer to changr odometer cable?

There is no odometer cable. The cluster is controled by the PCM and is fully electronic. All the answers for your Trailblazer!

How do you change the in dash heater control on a 1998 Chevy blazer?

Remove the two screws at the top of the instrument cluster. This will allow you to pull out the entire bezel. Pull out the bezel, and pop the switch out from the bezel.

What would make the gauges on a 1987 s10 blazer go crazy when you turn the lights or radio on?

It sounds like a wiring issue. There could be a loose wire on the instrument cluster, on behind the fuse block.

Where is the electronic flasher located on a 1996 Chevy blazer?

In our 96 Blazer S10, it was behind the radio. We had to remove the radio to get to it.

What is the Location of fuse boxes on 1996 blazer?

Fuse panel should be located on the drivers side between the door & the instrument cluster. There is also 3 relay switches located behind the back panel of the glove box.

What is wrong when the instrument cluster acts crazy on a 2000 blazer?

When my 96 S10's ignition switch went bad my cluster would act "crazy". Needles bounced back and forth while trying to start. It drained my battery and had to jump start. Also ended up replacing the ignition key tumbler twice in it too, but it was the switch down low on the column that made the cluster screwy.

Blazer s10 electronic speedometer on and off?

faulty circut board replace it

Where is electronic spark control module located on a 1990 S10 blazer?

its inside the distributor.

How do you take the dash off a 94 Blazer to get to the heater core?

I would first recommend getting the Chilton manual. I did the heater core on my wife's 96 Blazer. It is a very involved process and should only be attempted if you are a fairly knowledgeable mechanic. You have to remove the instrument cluster and drop the steering column to start. The Chilton manual covers this fairly well. Dennis

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