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I understand that some places use hot pressurized air to weld plastic. YOu may want to research plastic welding. However, because there is such a large market for used parts; it may be cheaper to get one off of a wreck rather than repair.

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Q: How do you repair a completely split lower front plastic bumper on a Subaru Impreza?
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What do you use to attach plastic bumper to bumper?

Super glue

Where can i find a manual showing how to remove a rear bumper cover on a 2002 subaru impreza outback sport?

Factory service manuals that have been scanned and converted to Adobe Acrobat files are available for just a few dollars on eBay. Although I cannot tell you that I have seen the instructions to remove the bumper cover in these manuals they have the most complete instructions available since the original paper manual is put out by Subaru.

What material is a car bumper?

probably plastic

How do you repair a scraped plastic bumper?

melt the plastic back. use a lighter,,,

Can you interchanger a bumper from a 1989 325is to a 1987 BMW 325e 2dr?

that depends. does your 325e have a aluminum bumper or a plastic bumper? if it has the aluminum bumper, you should order new bumper shocks for an post face-lift 87 model. post 8/87. the reason? the shocks that fit aluminum bumpers are very long, and if u attach a plastic bumper, it will stick out too far. if the 325e has a plastic bumper, then everything will be as easy as detaching and re-attaching your bumper.

Will a 1995 Subaru sedan rear bumper fit a Legacy wagon?

it will not fit. way different

Where is horn for a 1987 subaru stationwagon located?

They are behind the body panel under the front bumper.

How do you remove the rear bumper on a 2009 Subaru Forester?

Have a crunched driver side rear corner bumper. Looking for tips how to remove the skin. Thanks Dorel

What is a plastic bumper on a graduated cylinder?

The "bumper," "plastic ring" or "ring guard" should never be moved from the top. The purpose is to protect the graduated cylinder from breaking if it tips over. That is why you don't see them on plastic graduated cylinders.

How do you remove the front plastic bumper cover of a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to access metal bumper?

I do not believe there is a metal bumper. There is a foam insert that goes inside the bumper cover.

Is a 2001 Honda Accord rear bumper made out of fiberglass carbon fiberglass or plastic?

It is made out of plastic.

What is the bumper on a Hyundai made of?

Steel on the inside, a plastic cover on the outside.

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