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How do you repair a faulty car door?

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quit blaming the's your fault.. read up on it...a manual is best you should be able to find a shop manual at the library, you'll have to make copies of the sections you want as they are reference only, but everyone should have a regualar manual for their vehicle, available at an auto parts store....may the force be with you :)

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Will i have to pay for a faulty repair to my car?

As long as the mechanic who preformed the faulty repair admits to it, and is willing to re-repair it, then no you will not have to pay. If the mechanic does not claim responsibility and refuses to fix the faulty repair, take it to small claims court and make sure to bring your invoice, receipt, and proof or pictures of the damage.

Sauna Repair?

form_title=Sauna Repair form_header=10913 Please choose which problems apply to your sauna.*= [] "Sauna heater not working [] Faulty thermostat [] Wood paneling in need of repair [] Faulty insulation, vapor barrier or door seals"

How do you repair a bent car door?

You can repair a bent car door by taking it off and using a suction machine to pull the dents out. If this does not work you need to take it into a professional to be fixed.

How do you repair your car door that is delaminating?

With out knowing the type of construction of the door in question this is not possible to answer.

How do you repair a car door handle that is broken on the inside?

you fix it....

97 Lincoln Town car door repair?

No thanks.

Car electric window dropping how to repair?

check track in door

How do you repair a faulty door mechanism that will not open?

Remove it and find out why it doesn't operate properly and correct the problem or replace the whole thang.

How do you fix a car door lock that does not open from the inside?

Remove the door panel, find and repair the lock linkgage.

What should I do if the car door will not remain closed?

repair or adjust the latching mechanism

How do you stop a car door from clicking?

In order to stop a car door from clicking, you must determine the cause of the clicking. Visit a repair shop so they can do diagnostic testing.

Can a faulty car alternator effect the garage door opener working properly to the garage that the car is parked in?

No. The two are separate items and not connected in any way.

What causes the air conditioner in a car to not get cold and the heater to not get hot?

If it is broken. It could be a faulty temperature blend door actuator.

How to repair the blend door in the heater on a 2005 Ford Explorer?

I do not have heat in the car and the blend door clicks. How do I access the blend door in a 2005 Ford Explorer?

What are some companies that can repair a faulty laptop?

There are many companies that offer repair services for faulty laptops. Some companies that repair laptops include Tiger Direct, Geek Squad, and Staples.

Who repair car door hinges in Cleveland Ohio?

Any body shop can handle the problem

How can you repair a car door that doesn't open?

It probably has a control rod that has had its plastic pivot broken. You will need to remove door panel.Good luck.

How do you repair a car door handle that is broken on the outside drivers side of a 1996 Toyota Camry?

Remove inner door panel for access

How do you remove interior panel of a car door Volvo 850?

Hi, here is a guide for front door

How can you repair van door hinges that have been hyperextended by the wind?

you can if the body of the car has not bent by the pulling done by the door. you may have to realign the doors.

What causes rust inside car interior?

Water is leaking inside the car, it could be from a clogged drain for the sunroof, clogged a/c evaporator case drain, faulty heater core, faulty door seal or even an improperly installed replacement windshield.

Can you get compensation for burned car from mechanics?

If you car was burned out while in for repair at the mechanics or as a result of faulty workmanship, then you should first make a claim using your own car insurance. It will be up to your insurers to deal with the mechanics.

How can you repair a car door that does not close or lock if it is not aligned properly?

you firstly align the car door with the rest of the car, the best way to check if it is aligned is to measure it with the roof. You then screw the screws of the hinge back on this should work

How do you repair a car door handle that is broken on the outside?

from the inside. take your door panel off and look around in there. the door handle is usually held on with pop rivets that have to be cut off from the inside of the door.

Why do I have to push car door down to close?

Your door is misaligned in some way. Check for bending or dislocation of the following items, listed from easiest to hardest to repair: Weatherstripping Latch and post Hinges Door frame (requires body shop) Car frame (scrap the car)