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You got to pull out the dash to access THC heating/cooling system getting the dash off is the fun part its all comon sence once you see the part

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Q: How do you repair a heater coil on a 1990 Cadillac?
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Where can you find a diagram of the coil and wires for a 1972 Cadillac?

Hayes Repair Manual, $20 tops.

What would cause the heat to stop working and engine to run hot on a 1996 Cadillac deville?

Heater coil

Is a heater coil a conductor?

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

Where is the heater coil located ina Chevy venture 1999?

The heater coil is located behind the dash board. You will have to remove the dashboard to get at the heater coil

You smell antifreeze when you turn on the heater Is it the heater coil?

Clarification of terminology- Heater core not heater coil. And Yes there is a very good chance that it may be leaking.

What is a heater coil and a heater core?

The heater coil and a heater core is the same thing. Hot water circulates from the engine and through the heater core then back to engine generating heat for your heater system.

Is there an access panel behind glovebox to heater coil on a 2000 ford focus?

Go to NAPA and buy a repair manual for your specific car.

Were is the coil located 97 Cadillac Catera?

the coil is behind the motor

1990 Cadillac Fleetwod 4.5 engine miss fire at high speed?

Usually misfires can be attributed to a bad plug, wire or coil.

Coil in heater is made of what?


How do you repair a heater coil on a 1989 Chevy S10 pick-up truck?

This is a job that needs supervision so as to not mess something up and costing a bunch to repair. Get a manual form the parts store or AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM

Where is the heater resistor coil located on a 2006 t300 kenworth?

The heater resistor coil is located on the blower motor on the 2006 T300 Kenworth.

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