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How do you repair dashboard lights in a 1973 Ford Mustang?


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take off the upper 3-4 screws on dash/gauge panel (attaching to dashpad from below), remove panel, remove press clips holding gauge lenses to gauges (optional), then remove the four - five mounting bolts holding gauge assembly, replace bulbs which are accessed on the rear of the gauge assembly, replace in reverse. good luck.


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The 1973 Chevrolet El Camino dashboard is held in place with 12 retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts and the dashboard will come off. The dashboard will be into separate pieces.

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yes, the 5.0 (302) will fit in a 73' for sure.

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The first Ford Mustangs were manufactured in 1964. The first generation of Mustang cars were produced from 1964 to 1973.

Yes. The '73 Mustang had a steel bumbers ======================================================= if I remember correctly , a chrome plated steel bumper on the rear and a body colored cover on the front bumper of a 1973 Ford Mustang

The 1973 Mustang has a mechanical fuel pump driven by the engine. It is not electric so it has no fuse.

get a chiltons repair manual from the library for 1973 dodges.

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Basic retail prices for 1973 Ford Mustang begins at $2,760 for the basic 6 cyl. 2dr. Hardtop to $3,189 for a 8 cyl. 2dr. Convertible. Dealer or factory added options will add a little more to the basic retail price. We bought a Brand new fully loaded Mustang Grande in 1973 and the cost including tax was $4,443.40. This was from a Canadian Dealer.

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the 1973 f body fuses are separate for park lamps and dash lamps, so it must be in the light switch itself.

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The standard bolt pattern (from the factory) for all Mustangs 1964 - 1973 is 5X114.3

set in the drivers seat and look at the cig lighter then go under the dash at that spot

No the bolt holes are different measurements apart from each other

To change the thermostat on a 1973 Ford Mustang with a 302 engine, drain the radiator. Locate the thermostat under the upper hose assembly and remove the required bolts. Place the new part in position and replace the hose assembly before filling the radiator.

The prices are based on retail # The V6 convertible was $3,102.00 # The V8 convertible was $3,189.00

Little box just above the battery area on the engin bay wall with wires coming out of it.

28 degrees point dwell / .017 point gap according to my Chilton book

get a chiltons repair manual for your year at the library.

chiltons repair manual at the library for your year dodge.

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