How do you repair or replace the heater blower resistor on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

The resistor assembly will be located in the evaporator's box. But, they rarely go bad. You probably have a switch, or a motor that has gone bad. It could still be under warranty.


First, find a dwarf or contortionist or any combination thereof to do it for you. Alternately, the job can be made easier (and you're less likely to wrench your back out) by removing the passenger front seat. (If possible.) Remove the panels under the passenger side dash. (There should be 2.) You may also need to slide the computer module off of its clip so you can move it aside for easier access. Then unplug the blower motor. Then remove the blower motor. (Because it obstructs the blower motor resistor.) Then unplug the resistor as well. Then unscrew the screws that hold it on. (A bad blower motor resistor module will be obvious, the resistor elements will be blown out and/or there may be flaking of the whole circuit board.) Installation should be as simple as reversing the steps.

#2 Add-on

Once you remove the glove compartment (remember to unplug light before pulling), you will be able to see the blower motor. I left the blower motor in, and removed the panels underneath to get access. It was a major feat and tested my flexibility. I'm 6ft, I reclined the seat, unrolled the window and stuck one leg out the window, that was the most comfortable position. The back hex screw took about 10 minutes to unscrew with some breaks since my back was begging for mercy. I would recommend unscrewing the back screw first since if you remove it last the resistor board will drop and make visibility difficult if it wasn't nearly impossible already. I had a tough time screwing them back in and ended up leaving out the back screw...figured in 3 years I'll burn this one up anyway. The resistor board is located right where toes would hit if you kept sliding them up the floor toward the engine. Buenos Suerte.