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If you are talking about the Drive,Reverse Low indicator on the dash above steering it is a simple cable opperated unit which attaches to the part of the colum that moves when you shift gears.Held by a clip that came off or broke...Rick D

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What does DRL stand for in the part name 1991 Ford EScort dRL control unit?

I believe that would be Daytime Running Lights ( Canada in 1991 )

Where is the daytime running lights module located 1997 Buick skylark?

On my 1999 Buick Regal the DRL module is located on the outside foot well behind the parking brake pedal under the carpet. My DRL has gone bad and is making the car quit.

Why would the daytime running lamp light start flashing on the dash?

A flashing DRL telltale indicates a possible burned out headlamp, or that the vehicle may need service to repair a stuck DRL relay.

What is drl?

DRL are your Daytime Running Lights

What is fuse 10 DRL?

DRL stands for Daytime Running Lamps.

Where is the Drl module on the 2001 Ford Escape?

The DRL Module is located at the LH Rocker Panel left of the brake, under and just below the dash. The DRL Module and the DRL Relay are side-by-side.

What does DRL mean on a car?

DRL usually stands for Daytime Running Lights

What is a 1995 Chevy blazer drl fuse?

DRL = daytime running lights

What Does the DRL light in the Honda Civic 2002 mean?

DRL - Daytime Running Lights

Where is the drl in Camry located?

to the right of steering wheel columb it will say on the switch 'drl'

Whether TTL logic is preferred to DRL logic and why?

DRL cannot invert signals.

Where do I find the codes for the DRL indicator when it flashes DRL goes out at the same time The DRL works sometimes other times not and the indicator flashes 7 to 9 times. All lights check good.?

Go to your local library and look in the "Mitchells" books, or depending on where you live, if you have a library card you may be able to access online repair data for your vehicle. We have the ability to do so where I live. This is a wondeful tool.

How do you disable drl on 2003 Honda Accord?

Typically one cannot disable a drl on the 2003 Honda Accord because it is a required safety feature. To disable the drl you would have to take it to any Honda service center and have them disable the drl for you. They would have to disconnect the required attachments to successfully disable the drl without compromising the rest of the mechanisms.

How do you fix a faulty DRL module?

DRL modules are like fuses...they are inexpensive, & usually replaced, not repaired.

How do you disable DRL on a ford windstar?

I found this web site on DRL, check it out.

What is a select query?

Select query is a DRL. DRL stands for Data retrieval language. Example select * from table_name;

What is a drl module?

A DRL module controls the daylight running lights found on many newer and Canadian cars.

Where is the drl module located for a 1996 chev s10 pu?

The drl relay is located in the back of the glove compartment.

What does it mean when DRL lignt comes on in Dash board of Honda Civic 2007?

Your daytime running lights (DRL) are on.

What does it mean when the DRL from the front panel is flashing ina Honda Civic LX 2002 especially when you start the car?

You probably need a new DRL module and/or DRL relay.In some instances the module is fixible.

Where is drl module for Chevy epica located?

The drl module on chevy epica 2004 is back to the data link connector

What is the drl fuse for on a2001 Saturn L200?

DRL = Daytime Running Lights, which is essentially your high beam bulbs manipulated to be dimmer.

Where is drl module on 2002 acura 1.7el?

The DRL control module is located under the steering column on the left hand side!

What is the market cap for Doral Financial Corporation DRL?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Doral Financial Corporation (DRL) is $37,895,857.20.

Where is the drl module located on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

The DRL module is located at the left side of the Windshield Washer Reservoir(when facing it).